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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by celldweller, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, Im about to buy my first house in the north of England, I will be living in germany whilst my other half will be living in the house (we are not married yet).
    My name will be on the Council tax bill, I was woundering what will be score with CILOCT? And any info on any other benifits I may be entitled to?

    Any help on this would be fantastic.

  2. There are a few things to look into..... did you get LSAP to help you buy the house (upto £8500) ?

    If your spouse is going to be living there and you in Germany then your local council is the point of contact for Council Tax Discount as you will pay full CILOCT for SLA.

    Local Councils have various forms of Discounts and as you are single now and name on the Council Tax bill then dont inform them of your occupied partner just yet as you should qualify for 6 months of not paying Council Tax for unfurnished house, then after 6 months you will pay 50% of the bill until you inform them that it is furnished or it is occupied, once occupied you may have a 25% discount but if you tell them that it is furnished and still not occupied then only a 10% discount applies!!

    At the moment being single you need to look up the ruled that govern GYH(Travel) with your admin staff - before 1 Apr you may have received a travel allowance called GYH(Stability Assistance). Once married and partner living in the house :wink: you will be able to claim LSA level 1 (was MUSA) at a daily rate of £6.22 taxable.

    At home at the minute so not got Regs to hand but if you need more advice let me know as not that sad to know things as read :roll:

  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    First bit of advice - if you are planning on getting a mortgage, be very careful indeed; all the more so if you can only just afford the payments.

    Interest rates have been due to go up for some time, and they've already started rising - don't lumber yourself if you can help it.
  4. Thanks for the quick replys. First of all we have alredy sorted out our morgage and got a really good deal (fixed for 5 years, free surveyor, free solicitor, no HLC and free chaps fee). We went for 100% morgage so in the furtue I can use the LSAP for any home improvements needed!
    The better half works for the local council, so we're going to have to be straight down the line what we claim for!
    So i definitely have to keep\paying CILOCT :?
    Is there any more folk that know the rules on GYH(P)

    Again, thanks :D
  5. Sorry to piss on your chips, but LSAP can only be used for house purchase. If your solicitor has already received it, he will send it back.
  6. I thought the LSAP form said you can use it for improvements too????
  7. me too mate :D
  8. You can get LSAP for building an extension!
  9. Not quite as easy as that! - From JSP 752:

    02.0414. Points to Note. Applicants should note that:

    a. A LSAP for home extensions may be obtained only in the circumstances described in paragraph 02.0423.

    02.0423. Extenuating Medical/Family Circumstances. An applicant who would normally be disqualified from receiving a LSAP because they have owned a property within 50 miles of the chosen location, or within 50 miles of a current duty station or next duty station (as appropriate) during the 12 months preceding application (or, in the case of current duty station, at any time during the current assignment) may nonetheless qualify for a LSAP if able to demonstrate extenuating medical/family circumstances. The applicant may apply for a LSAP either to purchase a new qualifying property, or to extend an existing property. In addition, the following conditions may apply:

    a. Applicable Circumstances. One of the following medical/family circumstances must apply:

    (1) Since the purchase of the current property, there is a specific medical requirement (defined as an existing condition which has deteriorated or a new medical condition) for more space than is available in the current property. Such an application must be supported by a medical certificate.

    (2) In the case of personnel in PStat Cat 1 or 2, there are insufficient bedrooms for each child to have a separate one. A box room of 50 sq ft (4.75 sq m) or less may be disregarded in considering whether there are sufficient bedrooms in a property; so may any larger box rooms in which it is impossible to fit windows. For the purpose of this scheme an unborn child(ren) expected to be born within 6 months is to be counted as a member of the immediate family. The extenuating circumstances are:

    (a) Additional dependant children since the purchase of the current property; or

    (b) Dependant children, at the time the property was purchased, subsequently reaching the age of 11 years and over (only one move every 2½ years within the same area is permitted).

    (3) Since the purchase of the current property, there is a requirement for an additional bedroom or space to accommodate, on a permanent basis, an elderly or disabled relative. Any application must be supported by a statement signed by the applicant to the effect that they are providing, or about to provide, accommodation for an elderly or disabled relative on a permanent basis.

    b. Purchase of New Qualifying Property. Where an application is made for the purchase of a new property in extenuating medical/family circumstances, the new property must be in the same immediate area (within 50 miles) as the former property.

    c. Supporting Evidence. Applications made for the purchase of a new property under sub-paragraphs 02.0423a and b must be supported by documentary evidence. This can comprise a letter from a solicitor or estate agent to show that the existing or former property no longer satisfies the applicant's needs, but that the new property will do so.

    d. Building Work to an Existing Property. Where application is made for building work to make a property fully habitable, or an extension to an existing property to meet extenuating medical/family circumstances, the application must be supported by a solicitor’s letter or a medical certificate (as appropriate), and plans of the existing property and proposed building work.

    e. Payment for Building Work. Any LSAP so approved may be paid to the builders direct on presentation of the invoice(s). If the applicant carries out the work, payments of LSAP are to be limited to the cost of building materials necessary to complete the conversion. Receipted invoices are to accompany the claim. The following are examples of items which are not eligible for inclusion:

    (1) Tools (either purchased or hired).

    (2) Fittings and Furnishings.

    (3) Installation of double-glazing (unless part of a new extension).

    (4) Decoration (unless part of a new extension)