Buy your own T72 to practice on before deployment

Look, if the mad Harry Potter fanclub can raise thousands of pounds to buy some scribbles by J K Rowling, then why don't we club together and buy some stuff from this (truly, truly sad) site?

I particularly fancy the 25pdr (a snip at £3,000) or a couple of 432s.  Just the job for commuting.


Do they sell ships?  We're a bit short.....   :'(
I hear that there is a car transporter going cheap, only one careless owner.  :-/
sod that they have new bmp2s and a t80 for sale !
right lets go
how about a wolf that looks like its had a mine, ied, strike ?????????????????????????????????????????


does anybodt know the history of the wolf in question ?
it does look a little ''dusty''
I'm having the T72 and doing a 'spaced'. Gay pa-ree here I come!!


I suspect that resurrecting a thread that's eight years old is probably a record, even for here.

Well done BH

Hang on for a month or so and there should be a lot of RAF aircraft and vehicles on there. In addition, if you have any shares Sheraton, Hilton Hotels etc or in the makers of flashy socks, get rid of them.

I imagine if they've not got them after eight years, even just waiting another month is probably futile.
sorry its the new you might be intrested in these forums
mind you buying the surplus Bear and flying round scotland would give crab air a suprise
Not as big a surprise as a 'Winder or Sparrow up the chuff courtesy of the light blue brigade.
Not as big a surprise as a 'Winder or Sparrow up the chuff courtesy of the light blue brigade.

The new RAF trade of fighter Controller Accountant might prevent that sort of reckless expenditure...
think even light blue might realise after what the **** moment it was civvy registered :)
mind probalby takes most of scotland to turn.
can't imagine many airposts could support the beast.
although could probably get the contract to replace nimrod :) being newer.
plus being able to bomb bruneos aries is always a nice to have

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