Buy your own Radio Relay for under 8 Grand

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GLESGA-NED, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Have your own Full Monty Relay for 7500 pounds. I'm thinking of getting one not only for nostalgia, but so I can cabby into work and park anywhere in the camp with out getting done by some mong for illegal parking in a parking space. Sorry about the last bit. Anyway credit crunch is hitting me, who will know at the POL point as I'm filling up!! :wink:

    witham specialists

    I also want to paint over all them little holes that go along the bottom of the box body. If you don't know them then don't ask!
  2. I think "Wheelie Bin" could have done with their contact details a few years ago after the infamous RR fire at 3 DSR!
  3. "Date in Service: Late 80’s"


    I assume thats when the service started :p
  4. "Clark Aerial mast, various aerials"
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  5. In fact, thinking about it, aerial is about right with these skips.
    Ptarmigan is dead, long live Bowman
  6. Mileage from 9000!!!
  7. I'll remember that tonight when I'm trying to get the guys to do maintenance
  8. Completely different purposes surely?
  9. Sorry to nit pick but I think you'll find "Ptarmigan" on the advert might give it away :wink:
  10. Hate seeing "Ptarmigan" written down, always have to sto myself pronouncing it with a "P"

    Council school y'see
  11. Euromux did indeed have SHF, worked better than everything else as well :)
  12. Euromux and SHF ? Are you sure.
  13. That,s why it was called a Triffid, three heads well actually one VHF basket and a Racal parabolic with a UHF and a SHF head
  14. 36 Sigs must have had the basic version then when I was there it was a basic three racks in the back, one spare head rack and a very, very convenient table.
  15. Don't forget Triffid is the actual radio relay link, Ptarmigan and Euromux were just the trunk systems (not the radios themselves).

    In fact the last time I saw Ptarmigan it was being operated out of a back of a Land Rover in Germany.