Buy Britneys Hair

Not that I care about the vacuous tart, but I spotted this and it gave me an idea...

If we at ARRSE clubbed to gether and brought the hair, could we clone Britney? If so we could make sure that where as this Britney became fat, mental trailer trash, our Britney could be raised to follow a much different career path.

So what would you have in store for the ARRSE Britney? Porn Star? Private Sex Slave? Bus Conductor? Vacuous trailer trash pop tart (again)? You decide...

My money's on her dying at age 5, impaled on MDN's c0ck.
i got bored and had a peek on ebay yeasterday and their was 2 pages of "genuine" britney hair.
so we could end up cloning some skint chav-mong
Errrrrr, looking at them pictures on that website, Them locks, look like a scraggy mount, of greasy, unwashed pile of t wat whiskers. Not the hair of a so called "successful" (used reluctanly) pop artist.

Scabby Cow.

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