Buy an ex RAF Jet Fighter at Everett Aero Sale!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BashaBasher, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Wouldn't mind having a Jaguar.
    Better than the Cessna 172's-182's I'm used to. Fuel and insurance would be outrageous, though.
  2. They have a gnat for £25 grand brings back the red arrows of my youth :D .
  3. Im supprised you cant buy these on E-bay!!!!
  4. Would be great to slip into conversation when your mates ask what you're driving now........"I've just bought myslef a Jag". "What's the fuel consumption like?" "It's a bit thirsty". Then Billy BMW pipes up at how much faster his 5 yr old Series 5 is and offers you to go outside the pub for a race.

    I'd love to buy a Harrier and have it as a gate guardian at the end of the drive. Or even better, learn how to fly the damn thing. I can just see myself 'parking' it on the drive and unloading my Lidl bags.

    How much do these things cost? For some reason, I've always believed that they were scrapped or farmed off to Aviation Museums at the end of thier time.
  5. Sea Harrier you mean.
    Ex RN Not RAF
    Look after them, just in case we need them.
  6. sea harrier oh yes
    anyone know where ernasto lives :twisted: the mad spic schoolby live I have a cunning plan :twisted:
  7. Didn't Prescott buy two?
  8. Why go to the that hassel just go to UK Surplus.

    They have 3 Canberra PR9 aircraft XH135, XH134 and XH131

    Aircraft are in an airworthy condition and can be viewed at either RAF Waddington air show on 1st and 2nd July 2006 and RAF Fairford air show on the 14th and 15th July 2006.

    Subject to reimbursement of costs, the RAF will deliver the aircraft within a reasonable distance of RAF Marham. Dates for this will be the 29th, 30th and the 31st of July.
  9. If I was goin to buy a Jaguar or Harrier I would at least want the engines :eek:

    Hope they go to a good home.
  10. Canberra PR9 you fly away with it on the 29th they are in an airworthy condition however it will be for single flight but after that you will need to bring it up to CAA spec.
  11. Wouldnt mind a Canberra either :eek:

    Does it come with all the recon gear,
    mite do some free lance spying, mite be some
    contracts on the go :eek:

    What is the RAF replacing the Canberra with ?

  12. Yes we know, previous owner was an elderly lady.

    Mrs Windsor?
  13. They are not replacing it as such, PR roll going to be done by adhoc aircraft type as and when needed but I could be wrong so I am sure one of the spotters or RAF types would have better idea?
  14. With the numbers of piston-engine WW11 era aircraft dwindling, the older, cold-war jets are getting more and more popular. (at least here in the US.) The most readily available being the Czech-built L-39 albatross trainer, which can be had for a song. I've seen them in trade-a-plane for less than $100k, depending on condition.
    The catch is a series of rather Byzantine rules and regs you have to follow to get insurance to actually fly the thing. Most warbird owners defray costs by renting them out for airshows, fly-ins, etc. Having one strictly for personal use would be prohibitavely expensive for most, unless you're Bill Gates or Tom Cruise (he has a P-51).
    A group of pilots in my home state of Montana got together and bought a Mig-21 back in the 90's, but it became a money sucking liability, and they had to sell it.