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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scrofula, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. Just a mad thought cause it is a Saturday morning and it's raining good style, so the weekend looks like being written off. Just been on another thread here about Eric Clapton selling his guns. Made me think.... would a hard-up "celebrity" go as far as to actually sell themselves? Who would you buy, and what would you do with them? I couldn't really see Elton John hanging around the house for more than a week before being taken back to the shop. Paul Gadd on the other hand would make a jolly good punchbag.
  2. What a silly question. I can think of several that I would buy and then I'd take them down to the cellar and they wouldn't have to worry about going out. :lol:
  3. Don't know how the weekend is a write off, at least I've got an important event to attend tomorrow.
  4. You're clearly not in Central Europe, mate!!!
  5. :oops: :oops: :oops:
  6. Hang on, I just noticed you're posting from Manchester. I stand down with appropriate apologies!!!
  7. You might not be able to buy one but you can certainly rent the buggers!


  8. Fern Britton? I'd spend a couple of grand to get her into a quiet part of the forestry round here!!!
  9. I'd certainly rent Lawrence Dallagio for an hour or two.......
  10. Well, tough luck, you can't because she's down in the cellar with one or two others
  11. Damn, damn. If you've got Lisa Tarbuck, I'll kill you.... or at least negotiate!
  12. Halle Berry. And Charlize Theron as a warm up act.
  13. Fair enough - I'll swap you Lisa Tarbuck for one of your Romanian TV presenters such as Andreea Mantea
  14. :D Agelina Jolie & Scarlett Johansen ( for the obvious ) and the Chuckle Brothers for comic relief inbetween
  15. Bonzo, I've only got this to spare for the mo. will it do? [​IMG]