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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by mediumwhiteamericano, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon,

    OK, here's the thing. A couple of years ago my mate wrote and had published a book called So, You Think You're Ready To Leave? It's all about the stuff Service Leavers need to know but tend not to realise until it's a tad too late.

    I'll not bore you with the details but here's the link to the Website

    Now, the publisher contacted him last week to ask what he wanted to do with the copies that have not sold. From an original run of 5000 they have 500 left. The books are now sitting in my spare room at the MWA mansion.

    Having spoken to the ARRSE Charity Team, here's what I'd like to do. As we all know, leaving the Armed Forces is like Death and Taxe's; it's going to happen so what better way to prepare than to buy one of these books in the knowledge that the money you spend will be given to the ARRSE welfare pool - Help Them Out -?

    The book retails at £5.99 + £1 P&P. However, for just £4.50 (incl P&P) you can have your own copy and I'll even get the author sign it if you want! Once the books have gone I'll donate the proceeds to Help Them Out.

    Come on folks, it's all for our very own welfare fund and you won't even miss the money it takes to help make a difference.

    If you're interested then either stick a post up or PM me for further details.

    500 copies x £4.50 - £500 (p&p) = £1750

    That's a holiday that is! :idea:
  2. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I support this message, but have long since left the world of toil and cold coffee on an over-burdened desk.

    Bump ... ;-)
  3. No thanks - i would rather read Razzle Readers Wives than that kind of garbage.
  4. Troll. Can some MOD ban this waste of skin (Black/white/green/yellow or other)

  5. Is that because the words are easier or because you like looking at your wife and daughters earning some spare cash?
  6. You truly are a bellend aren't you?

    Coffee, I'll have a copy. PM me with details of where to send the dosh to.

    (Ooh, and CDT - see the complaints button at the bottom of the page, I shall be clicking that shortly to have a whinge about your avatar and sig block - you troll).
  7. I couldnt give a fcuk what you do. You are yet another boring little species who is probably a member of the "Dullard Spell Checkers Club" who uses phrases such as "Outrage Bus", "Walt", "Druggie" get the picture - yet another brainwashed android in green.
  8. Though I'm not due to leave just yet, I think a copy would be useful, I wonder if I can blag some funding for a couple of copies for the waiting room, is the book any use to those leaving at short notice (Medical Discharges etc?)

    Anyway, one copy for me for now please.