Buy A Beer Campaign for Royal Anglian Regiment

I did add this to a different thread on this site but I think it might get more views if i post it seperately, so sorry to those who might have already seen it - but here goes:

The Royal Anglian regiment (the Vikings) are due to return from a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan - I'm not sure if I am allowed to post a link to a different site on here, and if I am doing something wrong then please tell me, or maybe the moderator will just remove my post - the following is a link to an article about a local brewery that is brewing beer for the lads return from Afghanistan. It gives you the opportunity to 'buy a beer' for the lads - something that a lot of people have said they would like to do for my son (LCpl Ruecker) except this is for ALL of them, and in my book they are all heroes who deserve a free pint. Also, 50p from each bottle sold will go into the Memorial Fund set up for the families of those killed or injured.

Nice one FP! I'll be throwing a few quid their way - the lads deserve it with what they've been through...

Please check your link - it doesn't seem to work.
Fallschirmjager said:
Good idea!

When the Royal Scots come back next year maybe we could have a buy a spliff campaign!
Just like we had a "Pass the girlfriend round the block" party for your push when you came home?? :wink:


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Bump, done.

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