Buttons...what next, a single Regiment of Footguards?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by future_rupert, Apr 29, 2009.

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  1. It was an April Fool's joke... :roll:
  2. Steady on Dozy he is after all an aspiring rupert, and as such he doesn't even play in puddles yet, or qualify for extras, blasted Civies :D
  3. Had.

    And for the record its STAB aspiring to ARAB.
  4. It happens to the best of us, best of luck with your plans. And as to the Foot Guards, if any one dares to touch their buttons there will be more than port on the table cloth :D
  5. Just out of interest why haven't the MOD tried (or tried successfully) to do this. Given every other infantry regiment is now at least two battalions how have the guards escaped when other prominent regiments like Green Howards or Green Jackets(ok they volunteered to merge with LI but anyway) haven't. Especially as it sounds like many of the guards regiments are not at full manning.

    Apologies if this is a rubbish question or has been done time and time before. It just seems on top of this the Guards do well for themselves (ie their own platoon in the paras, battalions in animated suspension when everyone else disappears, further back went to the falklands along with paras, marines and gurkhas). I could understand under a conservative government wanting to retain the traditions but new labour?

    PS not suggesting that they benefit unfairly or that they should be merged. genuinely interested rather than jumping to conclusions about whether it is beneficial

  6. How very fookin dare you suggest joining the guards regiments, shame on you.

    The Guards have lost battalions left right and center over the years, you cannot join regiments that are so totally different in tradition and age etc etc, it just wouldnt work.
    Plus the fact of the history and the seniority alone, would be an insult beyond measure.

    Now go do something with a sheep.

  7. So basically amalgamate the Coldstreams, Irish, Scots, Welsh and Grenadier Guards ?? What would they be called ?? The Cold British Grenadier Guards ??? :wink: Sorry Gren :lol:

  8. Shut it snippy ;) hows your bag?
  9. What would be wrong with a "Guards Regiment", Bn HQs could preserve the regimental history (the same as many other regiments have over the years).

    The red coats could be more standardised while retaining some small difference, eg retain collar badges & plumes
  10. I didn't suggest they merge, hence the last line of my post.

    One can argue that the scottish regiments were all very different (highland/lowland) and all of different ages. Likewise what on earth did the D&Ds or RGBW have in common with LI and Green Jackets. Yet MOD didn't care about any of the history of regiments like Green Howards or Royal Scots who had a much longer history than say the Welsh Guards. What made the MOD decide not to merge or disband the Guards?
  11. Because it would be further cuts to the British Army. Are you in favour of amalgamating the five remaining battalions into a mere one or two? That would put a strain on their operational and ceremonial commitments. I suppose we could make one battalion purely ceremonial. It wouldn't matter that the public face of the Army isn't made up of real soldiers.

    Though I have no qualms with any other regiment providing the Queen's Guard I can't help but feel it slightly nicer if it were a novelty and a real honour rather than "oh daddy, where are the soldiers with the hats?" However needs must.

    Why cling on to such stuffy traditions though eh? We don't need a Guard, leave it to the police. There's no need for State Visits, Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament. Sever the link with the Monarchy! All these things cost money and remember, progress in modern Britain is about strengthening the economy and to hell with outdated principles like tradition, pride and honour (I suppose the Gurkha's deserve a mention here)!

    "The Guards have been described as a scarlet thread that runs through the great tapestry of Britain's proud history." Bol-locks to that!
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I whole heartedly concur. Why would anyone wish to join them? :wink:
  13. Thts why the Rifles have those scarlet jackets then?