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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by coatofarms, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Can any tailor etc shed any light on the use of the button stick.. ? Odd shaped thing just wondered what it is all about..

  2. I believe the button stick goes back to the days of brass buttons,you slid the stick under the button so you didn't get brasso on your greatcoat or uniform
  3. Wah???

    If so I'll fall for it...

    The button stick was placed behind brass buttons when cleaning them so as to prevent getting brasso on the uniform material.

    How old am I!!


    edit to say posted at the same time as above... so old I type slow!
  4. In the old days even combat webbing 1938 pat had a great deal of brass. the button stick had a number of shapes and slots which enabled one to use Brasso without staining your webbing simple
  5. I was going through a pile of tat in the shed last week and found my old button stick, I'm ashamed to admit that it is in dire need of cleaning, its even got green patches.
  6. Gather the buttons together. Slide the thready bits up the slot in the middle of the stick. The buttons are now all gathered together ready for polishing. The stick also acts to keep the Brasso off the material. Issued item in '52. Very useful but redundant when StaBright came onto the scene.
  7. Yeeah... in the Good Old days when Soldjers were real.... loads of Brasso and Bull..... Even had to Brasso the Button Stick when Barrack Room Kit Layouts were de rigeur.... 38 pattern Webbing was a bleeding mare to keep clean... Even had a Housewife... Not the sort for humping... but sewing!!!
  8. If I recall correctly even though by '74 it had no practical purpose it was still issued just so we could polish it.
  9. Chaps, no Whaa intended, seriously. There are so many odd shapes, edges and the second fairly plain stick, interesting bit of stuff.

  10. When i was in JLRRAC we black polished all our webbing and the brases shone after rubbing them al down to mirrir finish on corragated cardboard for hour after hour , bags of swank though
  11. You slide the funny looking slots around your buttons and then you're in a position to polish your buttons, belt hooks etc without getting duraglit or brasso on your ginger suit.
  12. My button-stick used to shine like a shilling up a sweep's arrse! Why the fück did they make the thing of brass?

  13. Every thing was made of brass in the 1938 kit renewall and it was with this crap that we fought ww2
  14. Nice one Buggsy.