I have a button on hood for the S95 Combat jacket but unfortunatly it has wire in it. Firstly, can I remove it, and how? and Secondly, I have two issue smocks, however very old and worn. should i get a new issue smock, or use the S95 jacket with hood. (also is it possible to sew on hoods, and how: has anybody ever done it?)
Only ever had a wired hood that was on an issue windproof, to remove it I made a small cut at oneend of the hood and removed the wire with pliers and aggression.Afterwards made repairs with dodgy sewing skills.I take it your jackets are for field use, so as long as they aren't torn to sh@t they should be ok. If they are your "for best", well as long as no-one has passed comment on you looking like a scarecrow just crack on. Try to avoid shiny kit syndrome-it'san addiction guaranteed to empty yourbank balance quicker than a crack habit.


Yep if I wear it in the field making everything look faded and worn on parade then guess what, if they wanted me to have seperate sets for field and parade then they should have issued me more than 2x trousers, 2x shirts and 1x jacket! Issue me enough for the field AND parade OR dont shout at me for having worn used kit on parade! OR issue me a new jacket... I will even meet you halfway by sewing up all those rips in my trousers from barbed wire fences and gashing my knee on rocks, and iron/polish it once in a while too!
I got issued an s95 button on hood for afghanistan. curious of the red label attached. on reading found to be trials kit.

oh joy that I found out both jacket and hood had button holes. that was useful. oh and a pair of proboots with no laces. " laces aren't issue any more."
What is the world coming to...
The smocks are wearable but the smocks are from the 70's. One is so ripped it is bearly wearable, and the other is fine. They are both however extremely faded and the drawstrings have long since started fraiing. It really is a state. I was thinking about getting a new decent, non-issue smock, however a friend of mine was trialing a rather gucci smock (with under-armpit zips, and removable liners) last november, so may keep my money and see if i can get one of them.

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