Buttered Brown Bread Surprise

Tear recipe out of magazine and buy ingredients including nice piece of salmon. Salivate at thought of good food well cooked and imagine impact on any future ladies fortunate enough to be treated to such a repast.

Do preparation as soon as you come in from work.

Start steamer boiling. Pre-heat oven, place salmon on baking tray, add herbs etc. Insert baking tray in oven. Start vegetables.

Remember important work on computer that really needs doing now. Concentrate hard. Ignore everything except smoke alarm.

Dash into kitchen, keeping low and below the smoke. Throw baking tray and smoking contents into sink and run cold water at full blast.

Run round flat opening windows and shutting doors in order to stop smoke alarm.

Smoke alarm stops.

Walk back into kitchen to find kitchen sink overflowing because teabag deposited in sink earlier has found its way to the plughole and overflow isn't up to the job of coping with mains water at full pressure.

Mop kitchen floor. Repair damage to oven. Realise that steamer has boiled dry. Repair damage to steamer and discard overcooked potatoes and vegetables.

Open cupboard and find brown bread. Find butter in fridge. Surprise, Surprise! :oops:

Find beer. And drink....


How much did you pay for the salmon? 8O

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