Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by cloudbuster, Jul 16, 2011.

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  1. [HR][/HR]Mine lost during bid to destroy it - Yahoo! News


    That's one hell of a tidal range. Are we on Springs or Neaps?
  2. The MOD RSS feed will be along shortly to tell us how brave sailors carried out a tactical redistribution of WW2 munitions in order to aid the defence of the Essex coastline
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  3. I hope they qualify for OA. Standing-off Frinton; must be more hazardous than Mizrata.
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  4. Having seen Essex they've probably just put it back hoping it goes off.....
  5. It'll end up on the beach near The Novelty Rock Emporium.....
  6. "the bomb became mislaid", bomb and mislaid are not really words you want in the same sentence. Stand by for a new deep-water harbour off Essex
  7. Almost as good as an RAF Harrier losing a pod full of rockets,between taking of from Milltown near Lossiemouth,and arriving at Cape Wrath,in 1970.

    They were practising a field deployment,and using the range at Cape Wrath,when they arrived on the range,the starboard pod had 'disappeared',I and half a dozen matelots spent 7 days following the flightpath,on foot,to try and find it,*******! :-(

    Lovely countryside though!
  8. Did you find it? :? Could be worse. Our lot have made it a habit it seems to mislay the odd atom bomb from time to time... ;-) It was Air Farce all the way. Crab Air has nothing on these jokers.

    A Nuclear Needle in a Haystack: The Cold War's Missing Atom Bombs - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

    Nuclear Bomb Resized.jpg
  9. No,to be fair it's route overflew Tain ranges,the Dornoch Firth,up along Loch Shin,Loch Merkland,and followed the A383,over water up to Laxford Bridge,cut across to Rhiconich,up Loch Inchard,over Kinlochbervie,then thank **** he went about a mile offshore all the way around the top,but it was still a long bloody walk. ;-)