Butt munching leftie commie pinko's

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armourer, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. Wanna see what the leftie knobs are saying.... http://www.urban75.net/vbulletin/ go to forums..register (you have to to see the shite they write) the wander over to their politics and protest forums....they like it when brit/US squaddies get killed...have fun.
  2. nope doesnt work, what am i doing wrong????
  3. that's better!

  4. Try link now...


    once you have registered you can see the posts BUT you have to wait until they validate you before you can post.
  5. quite funny in some ways.

    they have a "slap the b*stards" section, with, funnily enough anyone who does not agree with their loonie agenda

    but WTF, Spike Milligan 8O , come on! well, i guess its true, socialist have no sense of humour :D
  6. Their posts are not funny

    Have pm'd you an id that will let you look but not post
  7. What a bizzarely skewed view of the world they have: London, Brixton (is that not part of London?), Bristol (and the South West), Wales and New York.

    I suspect that their 'views' may not be entirely well rounded or, indeed, coherent.
  8. Bunch of cnuts, I'd not waste a bullet on 'em, fix bayonets.
  9. This is in response to a 'call to arms' against the Countryside Alliance - which attracted one naysayer...

    It was posted by a certain 'Taxamo Welf', who's tagline tells us that he 'Flips out and kills ppl!!'

    Feudal landowning classes!!?? :D
  10. yeah, armour, signed up and just started reading the threads!

    quite right, not funny :oops: slightly scarry and sad really.

    what i found especially worrying was not the blatant nutters "great, more Brits dead!" but the ones who took the line:


    this is definitely one to watch[/quote]
  11. Sod it make that a blunt bayonet or even an SAS stabbing spoon :wink:
  12. I'm not even going to register - my blood pressure won't take it! Have fun pinkobashing though!

    Oh, and just tell them that Engels owned a factory and rode to hounds (if they know who Engels was, that is!)
  13. At least one guy on there has his head screwed on

    Quote Layabout (Re police using rubber bullets at the G8 summit this summer)

    Fantastic :D :D :D
  14. The BBC are just as bad-their CEEFAX "What happend on this day in history" Page (p143) yesterday read "1991 Hundreds of Iraqi civilians killed by US bombing". Possibly true but not what you might call objective reporting given the wider aspects of the conflict.

    Hurrah for the BBC - the upholders of free speech as long as it suports B'Liar and rubishes the rest
  15. waiting for my confirmation e-mail, lets see how long I last, fcuking weirdos :evil: