"Butt marking" at bisley during the imperial meeting.

serious question for any target/match or other appropriate rifle shooters, despite the dodgy title.

Just wondered if anyone knows how you go about getting work as a butt marker at bisley during the Imperial meeting during the summer? I'd guess it doesn't pay amazingly but better than nothing and could be combined with the odd bevvy or two in the evening with mates who are shooting:D.

Cheers, HH_2
Phone the range office 01483 797777 (then pick the extension) Closed Mondays.

Give them your name and then remember to badger them a week beforehand.
Pays £40 for 8 hours, 4 hours on, hour off for lunch, 4 hours on again, plus overtime money when (not if!) the shoots overrun into the evenings. Good way to keep fit but the pay's rather lacking.
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