Butlins loses "low pay" court case..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Here is an interesting paragraph from the Telegraph:

    Telegraph article

    To summarise, Butlins' staff had their wages docked to pay for a contribution to their heating and lighting bills. In so doing, their wages fell below the minimum wage which is illegal. The company lost the case.

    Isn't this what the MOD does to its soldiers, more or less?

    I wonder...

  2. After a quick bit of research, I found that a new recruit to the Services earns £33.32/day.

    The minimum wage is £5.35/hr for adults according to the Telegraph.

    So, an 8 hour day means that the recruit (up to the age of 33 now...) has only earned £4.17/hr before the MOD charges for accommodation, which includes fuel and light.

    So, I'll step up to a Level 1 soldier who is paid £39.24/day. An 8 hour day means that he earns just £4.91/hr and is then charged fuel and light.

    Methinks that there could just be a challenge to this, now that the Courts have created a precedent.

    Soldiers paid less than the minimum wage and then charged for fuel and light? Paid less than those working for Butlins? Not, surely, Prime Minister, in Great Britain, on your watch?

  3. I know surly can't be right

    I mean that would suggest that being a useless scum tosser that claims depressions so they don't have to work would only be on
    Rate Amount
    Short-term lower rate £ 59.20
    Short-term higher rate £ 70.05
    Long-term basic rate £ 78.50

    How harsh is that!!

    Hmm so being on the dole pays more than serving your country?! Or have I got this wrong?
  4. There will be some very unhappy campers now I'd imagine.
  5. All well and good Litotes, and I agree entirely with your view, but HM Forces are exempt from the minimum wage laws are they not?
  6. Do Butlins workers get free food & accommodation apart from this charge? What if Bultins fitted coin meters to workers chalets to 'pay as you go' for heating and lighting? to prove it went towards utility bills?

    Low paid workers and pensioners in civi street can get housing benefit to help them pay for rent and council tax, but get no help with utility bills such as Electric, Gas & Water. If squadies living in feel so hard done by why not apply for housing benefit themselves, I know some pads with kids do!
  7. Those rates are PER WEEK by the way!
  8. Fair enought, sore somewhere the words daily, but when coupled with Housing benafits and anything else they may manage to claim isn't a bad wage for sitting on your arrse all day!
  9. Yes they are unfortunately - National Minimum Wage Act 1998 Section 37. Why I don't know because the Gummint seems very keen to include the Armed Forces in other areas they could be exempt from e.g H&S etc Work Act 1974, ADR etc.

    This is the second rhetorical question I have posted today-no answers needed! The Gummint will tell us (not argue) or explain that HMF of course don't work 8 hour days and are not qualified under the Act due to the "National Interest of the Country". We know that- those of you still serving work a fcuk sight longer and :frustrated:

    I think I've burst a blood vessel. :pissedoff:
  10. All well and good indeed oh pink and white strped one but it doesn't make it right does it?
  11. Sent following to my MP ... might do something, but I doubt it ... not holding my breath ...
    With regard to complaints about the minimum wage, complaint forms can be downloaded here

    or a complaint can be made online here

    or anonymously online here
  12. No.

    But they will just spout the "HM forces are exempt" crap. Why are they exempt? I wonder if someone will ever take them to task over it?
  13. No it doesnt - which is why I said I agree entirely!
    As already highlighted by others, our leaders have yet again applied the 'laws' when it suits.
    So if we are exempt what can we do?
  14. I worked for Butlins in Ayr in 1996, I was 21 and was paid £75.00 per week (after tax and NI), for living in, which meant, food (3 square a day), heating and light. With a minimum of a ten hour day, six days out of seven.
  15. Don't be too critical of the MOD on this issue. Despite the low pay, they stand head and shoulders above Butlins' scurrilous, exploitative slavedrivers.

    The MOD show full appreciation for your service to the crown. Should you become directly involved in the defence of the realm and lay your life on the line, they issue medals as a token of their gratitude. These can later become invaluable should you become homeless and find yourself begging on the street.

    Patrons leaving the opera house are less likely to ignore you, hurl abuse or tread on you if you have a chestful of war medals. So until the day you get mugged, there's a good chance of building up a good little nest egg to see you through.