Butlins forces discount

I was looking at the new splash world thats just opened at Butlins Skegness intending to take the grandchildren for the day when I noticed that they were doing a discount for forces and emergency services.

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Ok so its not Disney World but if you live in the area are serving and the kids (or you) like this sort of thing it might be worth a look.

The day visitors pass gives access to all areas not just the splash waterworld.
Used to be a time when all the Butlins holiday camps were catered for by army apprentice chefs , Billy Butlin himself used to head a recruiting drive at St Omer bcks everyyear, 6 weeks summer and 2 weeks xmas leave were always spent in the kitchens of Clacton or Bognor, hard work good pay and all the nookie 15/16 year old boys could handle ,what great work experience, there were 4 young civviescalled hank,jet ,tony and bruce worked in the panwash in clacton with their mate harry and in the evenings they used to play as a group in the pirate coffeebar and disco, great times were had , even then service families got 50% of family holidays
Chavvy as **** however great for kids. We went there about 5 / 6 years ago, I never had to use my fake ID once and even bedded my oldest conquest to date, a 46 year old basking shark with varicose veins like a map of Europe's motorways. Happy days. In the words of Kate and Jerry, We should have gone to Butlins.

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