Butler: It wasn't our place to bring down the Government

Butler: It wasn't our place to bring down the Government
By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent
22 October 2004

Lord Butler, the former Whitehall mandarin who led the inquiry into intelligence failings before the war in Iraq, said yesterday that it would have been "improper" for his committee to recommend the resignation of the Government.

The former cabinet secretary defended his decision not to apportion blame in hisreport. Questioned about the conduct of his inquiry, Lord Butler of Brockwell revealed that ministers had attempted to resist disclosing some documents, including the advice from the Attorney General on the legality of the invasion.

He told the Commons Public Administration Committee: "The proper place where governments should survive or fall is in Parliament or in the electorate. It would have been a heavy responsibility and I think one that it would have been improper for us to say we think the Government should resign on this matter ... If we had come across evidence of distortion or wilful negligence we would not have hesitated to have identified that or those who were responsible."

Lord Butler was pressed by MPs about his declaration that John Scarlett, the then head of the Joint Intelligence Committee, should take up his controversial appointment as head of MI6. He said the JIC had been proved correct in a number of cases and pointed to Mr Scarlett's distinguished role as an MI6 officer.

Lord Butler also said MI6 had been shocked that three of its six agents in Iraq before the war had proved to be unreliable.

Cutaway said:

Hmmm. Is that Newspeak for 'going against my instructions from The Glorious Leader' ?
same thing

remember it is not just "The Glorious Leader", correct term is "Our Glorious Leader"

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