Butcher my todger?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Fiji_Bob, May 4, 2006.

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  1. yes, sharpening my stanley knife as we speak

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  2. maybe

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  3. todgers and knives dont mix

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  1. Check out Channel 5, make sure you are not eating what is left of your kebab 8O

    Right my todger does ok ,but who would not want a dong you could chock a Scammell with, but would you choose to risk loosing it altogether to have it butchered and maybe bigger?

    What goes through these peoples minds? 8O

    Also **** Bleaching? labia bleaching? 8O

    We are all going to hell in a hand cart!
  2. **** stapling does not look pleasant 8O
  3. too right Goku! 8O

    especially when you pull one out stuck on your bell end! 8O

    she will have a poop hole like a meat mincer! 8O

    hope the staples are galvanised

    puts a whole new meaning to the phrase rusty sheriff's badge! 8O
  4. I had to turn over, it’s far to disgusting for a delicate type such as myself.
    I watched as far as the beginnings of that sex change op and couldn’t stand to watch any more.
    Some things are just wrong 8O
  5. Can remember watching **** bleaching on telly a while back. Switched over and there's some bird on all fours with poo pipe in the air 8O
    Least it's abit more pleasant when you haven't got that rusty bullet hole staring your in the face when your nailing her from behind,
  6. **** bleaching? Just dip the middle digit in Watrose thick bleach 8) Citrus for a pleasant aftertaste 8O
  7. Sorry Bob, I thought that was an invitation. I've lost interest now. :D
  8. Trust the Germans to invent converting your knob to a flange! 8O

    How did the song go?

    Hitler has only got one ball............ the other is in the hospital................

    Also "Steve", who was a woman, has just had his new balls attached, but still has to p*ss through what is left of it's flange?!

    What do they do when someone tells them to fcuk themselves? they actually can? 8O 8O 8O

    I had to change channels too, Knobs split like a carrot, flange in the mincer, birds with a dick, ok, but Vanessa Feltz's mug was more than I could handle
  9. What colour should a dung button be, anyway? Surely the fragrance and taste is of the utmost importance :oops:
  10. Well I wouldn't risk it if she's just had a dodgy kebab.
  11. Nothing wrong with a bit of Turkish roulette, it's only one fart in six :twisted:
  12. It's the extra chilli sauce she might have had entering your jap's eye that I would be worried about 8O
  13. I'm trying to take this away from just giving her one up the stern tube and into a more totally loving **** experience. Ever heard of swallowing? 8O
  14. Maybe your wanting for **** love differs from mine.
    Like drugs, people start off doing soft drugs and leads onto worser things.
    You could go from loving women's poop shoot to trying abit of hairy male ring piece.