Butch-lezzer power-tripping cop?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Dec 20, 2012.

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  2. The original link works like a NAAFI employee......
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  4. Back to front, same glove, back to front... not to mention, in public, on the side of the road, offending officer was call to male officer on the scene who pulled them over for littering (cigarette butt) not anything else, then proceeded on a fishing expedition.

    TSA abuses are rapidly spreading to other areas of 'law enforcement'
  5. The alleged victims if I got it right.


  6. You have to admit, it is better though, than living in a socialist hell like say Sweden.
  7. All those slim, pert blondes and socialised medicine... Any decent man would surely prefer 18-stone burger-babes and $10k to get your ingrown toenail done.
  8. The UK will probably soon be able to loose weight like Sweden, whose economy went from 4th in Europe to somewhere around 20th in 20 years, while the majority of their companies and wealthy relocated outside it's borders. Once the UK reaches Sweden's level of efficiency of redistribution of assets you can look forward to having your 17 stone pie-babes loosing their fat arses as well.

    Ah yes... and what does free socialized medicine, an 'equal wage' and a welfare population 50% larger than the working population cost someone who is actually productive? Something like 70% income tax and 25% VAT? No thanks.
  9. Works everytime, better than boilies that bait......
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  10. Well I certainly managed to tease one out over that, although it's not graphic enough for a permanent place on the wank-bank.