But you will never take our Buckfast!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bazzinho1977, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. I expected you chaps to be on this like a scotsman on a free buffet.

    Those chaps north of the border are looking at imposing a minimum price tariff. 45p per unit. Pushes up the price of the high-strength low-cost brands (See also: White Lightning).

    The arguments against it? Well, it will unfairly affect the old and the poor.

    Surely it will only affect them if they decide to keep drinking, in which case it is hardly the government's fault....

    BBC News - Ministers propose Scottish minimum drink price of 45p
  2. Does anyone know what the legal justification, if that's the word, for this is?

    Like, can the Gubmint announce tomorrow morning that tins of beans must be at least 50p in order to reduce public farting?
  3. I believe the technical definition of a responsible drinker is one who can pay legal and medical fees out of pocket in order to avoid embarrassment, plus a donation to the Constabulary Christmas box. No wonder they're getting hard up North.
  4. Yes. They are the government in a representative democracy. We elect them so that they can institute laws that will overall improve our lives by reducing social harm.

    Come on now. Stop laughing.
  5. Nothing to do with getting some extra cash in then?

  6. It would be, if this was a levy - which I don't believe it is. I believe it is a minimum price. Which I guess in the long run will lead to higher profit margins and more corporation tax which will go to, erm HMRC.

    So I don't think so.
  7. Well no, because it's not a tax increase per se... Although I suppose it ensures a certain revenue level is met.

    I just seriously wonder how a government can tell a retailer how much they must charge for a product and whether there's space for a legal challenge.
  8. So how much will a wee dram cost if buying by the litre?.
  9. What if i had some mates (i dont but thats not the point) and they came around mine for a drink. Would i have to ask them for 45p before i could give them a can? And if i dont why is this any different to a supermarket selling it cheap/at a loss.
  10. From reading the story the whisky trade association are already saying they will try an EU court to get it quashed.

    Personally, I am struggling to see the bad side of this - for businesses that are responsible, anyway
  11. Because one is a SALE and one is a GIFT.

    The difference is quite clearly marked out in law (or it is this side of the border). Unless you are the kind of tight cnut who normally charges his mates for a drink. In which case, you are probably scottish anyway.
  12. Probably need to ask them for 90p unless you buy really small cans ;)
  13. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Look out for cross border shopping at Morrisons in Berwick!
  14. Umm... Drink will cost more?
    Evil, if you ask me.

    Struggling to get by on a bursary me. (Thankfully not in Scotchland)
  15. First of all it is NOT a tax, tt is only a proposal from the so called Scottish Government and there is thinking that it will be illegal to do it. It is supposed to stop those who are on lower income/doleys from spending all their money on ilkihal and all it is going to do is produce around £140 million in profits to the supermarkets and drinks producers.

    And before everyone in the sunshoite state of Ingerland think it isn't going to happen there wait and see it has already been mentioned down there many a time in the last 6 months or so.

    Of course you don't have the so called drink problem do you? Where was that report?

    BBC News - Problem drinking shows up north-south England divisions

    Male alcohol-related deaths 'among highest' - Hounslow Chronicle