... but you cant take the girl out of Bristol!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tawahi-50, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Holiday to wrong destination.

    Usual story, she's got her compensation and now she wants the
    world to know that she's not too bright.

    Where's this place
  2. Jesus... You would think that she might have learnt the name of the place she was going to.

    I'd be made up with a trip to PR...

    lovely latinas etc
  3. Dont you just love 'em? "I want the whole of the UK to know that I'm a thick blond air head that can't rememeber where I booked my holiday to"
  4. "Alternative therapist"...hmmm.
  5. The newspaper reporter isn't any brighter, he's put a picture of Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria in the report instead of the Caribbean isle. :lol:
  6. They probably used a Ryanair flight. Puerto Rico airport is about as far from Costa Rica as Dusseldorf Weeze is from Dusseldorf, but not quite as far as it is from Barcelona Girona to Barcelona.
  7. serves her right, stupid cnut
  8. Sadly for her easily done

    Juan Santa Maria, San Jose, Costa Rica: SJO

    San Juan, Puerto Rico: SJU

    but the silly cow should have been able to read the departure board!

    The other all time ticketing blunder, which is far harder to credit but I am reliably informed has been done, is this:

    Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, Australia: SYD

    Sydney Airport, Newfoundland YQY
  9. Good job she did not ask to go to to Washington, there is one in Tyne and wear, at least she woold not have to change her money into dollars
  10. On the bright side maybe she would be understanding if I got the wrong hole? Much easier mistake to make.
  11. Great Western Trains use a picci of CARDIFF CASTLE in their walk England add
  12. Still like the one about the two MUFC fans who wanted to see their team play Deportivo la Coruña in NW Spain.
    Problem. No direct flights.
    D/S Solution. Flight to Santiago and take a coach northwards. Easy.
    Fans Solution. Book flight to Santiago but not check which one.
    Result. Arrived in Santiago Chile in time to watch the match on TV in a bar.

    And they didn't notice Departure Boards, nor difference in flight times (2hrs -12 hrs), nor costs?
    Bet I could guess who fluffed geography at school.
  13. Dont know wot all her fuss is about, I bet she still got spit roasted by a few of the locals when she was there !! :twisted:
  14. Don't want to be picky but YQY is Sydney - Nova Scotia - so you'd be in the wrong place too :D
  15. Sounds like an urban myth from my neck of the woods; trying to sort a flight for one of our customers to Tirana (Albania) only for booking agent to organise flight to Tehran (Iran). Semantics really, either reception committee would have been equally unimpressed with said low-life.