But Will It Have Naked Babes?

Remember action movies? I don't mean films with plot twists and international intrigue..I'm talking ones with Gatling guns that never run out of bullets, high speed shootouts with speedboats, war paint, sweaty biceps and the kind of explosions men walk, not run , away from.

The 'hero' is the kind that will stab you in the eye with an icicle or impale you on steampipes and then make a pun about it... While I got nothing against Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but, when you're facing an army of ruthless bad guys, kung fu and high-tech gadgets don't cut it. You need a never-ending stream of gunfire,pithy one liners and stuff blowing up real good, I mean Real good!..

Well, I hate to say it, but ol' Rambo hisself, may be here to the rescue.. Coming soon: The Expendables

Yup.. Sly Stallone..but wait, he's got Dolf Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li and Jason Statham with him!! How much testosterone can a movie take? This ain't no chick flick..unless they want to sit and oogle manflesh while you enjoy the levels of destruction.

The gist [ like you need one ]..for reasons insignificant to the plot, the White House puts together a team of mercenaries to take out one General Garza, head of a brutal South American regime [ lets the Islamic hordes breath easier for a bit and avoids one set of stereotypes for another, older proven type - gold toothed drug lords in spiffy uniforms and Jim short medal racks. ]..Their job, Get the General and blow up anything and everything that gets in their way...

The special effects budget almost matches the paychecks for the 'talent'.. and, if it fills seats and sells popcorn, you can bet Stallone will be churning out sequels to rival his Rambo and Rocky franchises until he collects his old age security cheques....

No word on who get to play the 'love interest', nubile young nakedness and disposable tottie to fill in the gaps between stuff exploding or crashing..
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