But what medals are there now?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Count Baton, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. As always there are many pages of angst and annoynce over that petty subject of medals.
    Thinking this through though, what medals are there around nowadays for those joining the 'Forces to expect?

    OSM Afghanistan medal - the only 'real' medal? Won't be around for long though.

    The LSGCMs or VRSM.
    At a push the ACSM.

    And the others you don't expect to get, you know MCs and all.

    The GSM is dead, as is the Iraq medal.

    So all of you with your 5,6,7 medals - can we expect to see that again?
  2. At least we're not like the yanks on medals.

    Lord, their uniform is plastered with ribbons all over. Like the scouts.
  3. Im sure more campaigns will follow Afghanistan! Dont worry grasshopper, you will get your chance!
  4. Indeed. But there is a line between being riled over medals and being ridiculous over medals.
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  5. Well I hope so.

    Though I don't want this thread to sound like me moaning, I just thought that it's a valid point that up and coming soldiers today can't really expect to get more than 2-3 medals, rather than the 6-7 of the recent past.
  6. Ribbons, not medals. Their service awards, unit awards, etc. have no separate medal.
  7. I don't think that it is safe to assume that neither our current nor future political masters will realise that an underfunded Armed Forces are not really capable of being thrown into another poorly conceived, achievable military and political objective free vanity war or a peace-keeping operation in some hell-hole where nobody except a couple of well-protected UN or EU bureaucrats have the slightest interest in "peace". So there may be a few more medals for the youngsters.
  8. Why are you bothered? Should you be joining up if you are only seeking medals?

    The only tour where I felt that I really earned my medal on I didnt get a medal for as I had already had it having served there previously.

    My old man has 1 campaign medal whereas I have 5 but from the stories him and his friends have told me they saw far more action than some people who you see strutting around with a chest full.
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  9. unless the falklands kicks off again (unlikely) i cant really see us having the political will to have boots on the ground somewhere for at least the next 10 years.

    we'll be happy to rain death from above on people but cant see us sleeping in shellscrapes in exotic locations for some time.
  10. Don't worry....there'll be the Battle of the Coronations medal coming to a website near you soon I imagine!
  11. A Coronation Medal is almost inevitable for new soldiers who intend to do their 22 years (unless Her Maj lives to be 105+), unless she dies/abdicates in which case there'll be an unprecedented Platinum Jubilee Medal. However, for op tours, it's Afghanistan, Iraq and UN Cyprus.
  12. UN Cyprus
  13. I understand what you are trying to say, I think, but I don't think you actually said what I think you are trying to say. HM would have to survive to 96, without abdicating, for the QPJM to cause mass dissension on ARRSE and in Soldier. :nod:

    Iraq medal is no longer being qualified for, IIRC. Dunno about the Reconstruction gong.
  14. Why should it be the same? When a Brit receives a medal, it means he has earnt it. Yanks give out medals for passing basci training for **** sake...oh and for working with foreign soldiers. When I did a four month tour in Croatia, the yank I worked with, who did the same tour as me, got 3 or 4 medals. One can just laugh at them.

  15. If you think yanks throw them in the sock drawer, then you are much mistaken. The US is a culture of attention seeking, hence facebook and twitter shite. I doubt there are many sock drawer in the US that have medals in them.
    As stated, medals are earn't. In the US, they are given with a box of frosties. Well, not quite....but nearly.