But Gordon said we were into recovery!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Just who believes anything that Gordon says, does or writes? Brown is the man with the reverse midas touch, everything he touches turns to Sh1te.
  2. If he said it was dark outside I would check it anyway

  3. Sven/Whet will be along shortly. :wink:

    (gordon doesn't count...hes the fat disabled kid we pick last...or not at all in his case) :lol:
  5. This article just re-instates what most of really believe about the UK's economy, I certainly would'nt believe what Mr Brown would like to tell us.
  6. This country has amazing levels of personal debt.

    It's funny, people will moan about the state of this country and how much it's Broon's fault whilst driving a car on rent-to-buy scheme, whilst well into their overdraft after spending their bank loan and relying on their credit cards for daily living.

    This country needs to man up and accept that everyone needs to control their own debt and maybe this country wouldn't be such an embarrassment when compared with most of our European counter parts.

    Although yeah I wouldn't trust Broon with a pair of scissors
  7. In my missus' Daily Mail it says the Septics think Gordo has been telling "barefaced lies" over Libya. Surely not ? ;)
  8. The septics can f'uck themselves.

    Don't forget we're in two wars cos of those lying c'unts. WMD's my arrse.

    "ooohh yes, the WMD's must be in this open field. What? There's oil here! Well spank my arrse and call me Charlie, we may as well fit in a pipeline now we're here. Carry on men.."

    THAT is blood for oil
  9. Ah yes, but Swiss Tony thought by burying his nose up Bush's arse he'd get some of that lovely post war oil and reconstruction action. Just like Broon, he was wrong too.
  10. Olympius makes a good point.

    Part of the problem is fcukingmorons who want 60in tvs now, only to buy a car the next day.

    There is no make do and mend anymore.

    Other than a mortgage tha tI am paying of as fast as poss, I have zero debts.... I also seem to be in th minority.

    The other problem we have, are several hundreds of thousands who wont work (excluding those who can't) and of course saving bankers skins.

    That and a stagnant military budget. Strangly if we started piling more money it to this, we might actually see a fair few areas of UK start to move forward again. Esp such places taht build boats,e tc.
  11. No we're in 2 wars because Blair & Brown OK'd it, they could have said no.

    Blair & Brown = cowardly war criminals.

    If either of those c*nts had to put their kids in the frontline they'd have never gone to war. A pox on their families.
  12. Massive amounts of personal debt (most of it mine!).

    Overinflated property prices, (a sheet of MDF and a handful of IKEA scattercushions does not add 10K to a house FFS!)

    Greedy bank executives. (They seem to forget some of the money they are playing with belongs to US)

    The "Bonus" culture. How the hell can failure be rewarded?


    Expense account fraud.

    Weekend millionaires.


    The list goes on and on. It will never get better unless we get someone in charge with a decent set of bollooks!

    I'm afraid the present occupant of No 10 and his cohorts do not measure up to the job. Nor do any of the "opposition" parties. They are all the same faceless tw@ts who have sold us down the river. However, it would be wrong just to lay the blame with them. There are other people in this country (at local government level), who take the pyss too.

  13. Remember this classic speech from Swiss Tony?

    "Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war."
    Speech in Paris, May 1997
  14. I do not believe that either the US or UK 'governments' had any real say in the matter.The planet's real power brokers, i.e. those in charge of global big business,took the decision to implement 'regime change' at whatever the cost in Iraq,not just to access the huge oil reserves but also to control it,to maintain artificially high market prices and maximise profits by stabilising the flow of that oil onto the world markets which Saddam had been toying with for some time.In the case of Afghanistan,one wonders how far Unocal(now part of the Chevron empire) has got with their mooted gas pipeline(from the Caspian region to Pakistan IIRC) which they started negotiations for in Washington in 1997.