Busy day in ChopChop Square, Riyadh

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. Today

    The Saudis aren't afraid of whipping the heads off a few foreigners who don't respect local customs. Having lived there for a few years, I grew to respect them for it (mind you, living in a Western compound thankfully isolates you from a lot of the local culture, especially if you enjoy a nip).

    I just wish that we had the same courage of our convictions, though. We get flannelly, mendacious bastards like Blair and his obnoxious crew, Cameron and his piddle-stained gang and whoever it is comprising the LibDems instead.
  2. 'Respect the Saudis'? The Saudis, steadfast in their convictions? Sorry to say this but it shows that you lived in a compound. Really don't like to degenerate a whole people but since the the elite seems to be securely in their place, cannot think of a nicer place for a nuclear bomb or twenty to obliterate.
  3. Absolutely, clean up the gene pool no end. No arguments here on that.

    But they know what they want, and they don't let the hired help dictate their social policy. Great Britain now seems to be a place where every dreg from outer bongolia has more voice than me and mine, and more call on the national wallet too.

    Or maybe I'm just reading the wrong papers.

  4. It says that 'During their detention, the 4 men had 'embraced' Islam'.

    I'll bet they f*cking did.
  5. The fact that the Saudis dish out the death penalty for armed robbery, drug dealing etc isn't a state secret. In Saudi, if you live by the gun you can expect to die by the sword - literally.
  6. Not to worry, live (or not) and learn

  7. Quote, no one should be exempt from the law of the host country.
    Why is it Blair cannot state this............solve a lot of probs overnight, Sharia law here, read the above.
  8. Soory, I lost interest after the third 'Lo!'. 'Lo'? That's a bit like us using 'Gadzooks'.
  9. Having spent two years (...two LONG years!) on a Saudi compound, I didn't think Westerners could live anywhere else. I didn't really think they would want to either...

    I was there 98-00, before it got hairy, but I still remember the regular US notices phrophesing doom. For Y2K, how many weeks supply of food were we advised to get in?

    Best one for me was when the US residents of one compund suggested that they take all the accommodation in the centre and the Brits and Dutch occupy the apartments and villas next to the walls. Akin to getting the wagons in a circle in the American West I thought.

    Jeddah had a chop chop square. Never went: prurient in the extreme to watch death as entertainment I thought. Was also told that Westerners were pushed to the front of the crowd (a) as a warning to them and (b) to make the departed leave this mortal coil with their last sight that of infidels.
  10. Gods teeth sire...theres nought wrong with the word gadzooks!!
  11. Denigrate!

  12. Does this mean they forfeit the 72 virgins?

    ... jelly's out then ...
  13. Hmm - not too sure about this. The Saudis are not renowned for the fairness of their legal system are they ??
  14. So who wants fair?
  15. If it's got so bad that we're unfavourably comparing our system of justice to that of the Saudi's, then we're really in a lot of trouble aren't we.