busting of soldiers who havent completed their clms

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by thebull047, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. there are many duty rumours flying around that glasgow are busting up to 5 sgts who havent completed their sclm part 1 within the year, is there any truth in this rumour??
  2. This happens in RLC land too, don't see why this story wouldn't be true.
  3. Probably not "busting" but reverting back to Substansive rank of Cpl or LCpl.
    Bust was the wrong choice word to use me thinks

  4. HH yeah your right wrong term, it will be interesting if they promote people to fill their slots or lose them altogether for money saving.
  5. I'm always intereseted to know why individuals haven't done CLM. Many claim they are too important to their current task and are not released by their CoC. Some defer due to injury.

    Whatever the excuse, the rules are written in stone and are to be followed. I had to pass Junior Commmander's Course and EFP1 before promotion as they were required quals.

    They are still required quals in the CLM era.

    4 weeks out of 12 months is not a huge task.
  6. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    I will find out today if at long last we are going to carry out what has effectively been written in the Policy Directives. I do hope that there is some truth in this.

    It is about time that when policy is written it is followed. Agreed that there will be a minority out there who may have not been able to do the course due to operational requirements (1 year tour) but the days of getting away with not doing the courses are over.
  7. Do regs get promoted to Sgt before SCLM ?

    Is this the exception or the rule ?
  8. Totally agree, like fitness education is a key area. Admin reductions for failing to achieve fitness standrards should be applied.
  9. Its true!

    A couple of peeps have reverted back to sub rank of Cpl at our place.
  10. A mate of mine was posted on promotion to Sgt with dates for his CLM already confirmed, but the fool broke his leg playing football and apparently never put the paperwork in to go on the downgraded CLM and is now possibly being reverted back to Cpl.
  11. Shut up you clown and get some experience under your belt before you open your pie hole.
  12. I wouldn’t promote them in the first place until they have completed and open the course up to anyone in the substansive rank below not just when selected. That gives on average 3 years plus to get the course done

    Kind of focuses the mind when you need to achieve something to get the pay rise :D
  13. A lot of RE (and no doubt other cap badges) are being caught out by not having basic competancies on their profiles (Ie GCSE results, or Maths / English assessments at your nearest AEC) and this is across a whole spectrum of ranks.

    2 types of people identified - those that have bothered their arse to prove they are qualified and get it onto PROMIS at AEC (or booked the relevant Cses) and those that havent bothered themselves and now it's the armys fault they are deselecting, and a major flapathon ensues. Those SNCOs that get caught out should have a word with themsleves, how can they offer career advice to juniors if they cant get a grip themselves.

    Advice for those unsure - take an interest in your own career, go down to the AEC and see what info they have on you - you may be surprised.

    A recent MCM brief highlighted that future promotion boards will look at who is qualified for promotion, and if your not, no matter how gleaming your report is, you will be passed over.
  14. All sounds like a cunning ETS plan to survive the SDR
  15. That may be so but at least it stops people getting promoted for shinny boots and big gobs whose primary skill in life is the ability to loudly self praise themselves whenever anyone who can influence their life walks into earshot :D