Buster Bunny's Badass B!tch..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 29, 2005.

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  1. the fanatical right wingnuts in America are at it again... hot off their success at dumping all over SpongeBob SquarePants for actually, possibly, maybe being Gay or at least leaning in that direction by actually supporting ' respect' for people..
    they've now targeted Children's Travelling Companion. Buster Bunny!!

    Yup.. A Friggin' cartoon bunny is on the chopping block..
    Buster [ former ' associate' of Arnold the Aardvark ] has a spinoff show wherein the rabbit travels with his Dad across America [ ooh, that's scary in itself ] visiting various ' families' and sending video postcards back to his cartoon friends about what he finds out about ' diversity' and ' tolerance' in the USA..
    Past episdoes have included interviews with a family from Virginia where 5 kids live with their folks in a trailer [ all in one room ]...But, co-habiting with trailer trash is not the problem.. Seems Buster stepped over the line on tolerance and diversity when he dropped in to visit a kid in Vermont who has two mommies [ Vermont laws permit same-sex' civil unions ' ]..

    Well, Hellfire and Brimstone rain down on PBS [ the Public Broadcast System ] that receives, in part, tax money to operate...so... by extension.. the government is ' funding' acceptance of a degenerate lifestyle and promoting it as . normal ' claim the religious right and other nattering nabobs...

    nothing is mentioned about what they do might to or anything.. the ' parents' are mostly in the background while the kids talk about what they do all day... etc...but, that's enough.. by today's standards.. not having the cartoon bunny condemn and scream ' UNCLEAN Sodomites " or somesuch.. makes it an offence..

    result.. 350 TV stations have declined to run that episode...so much for introducing kids to tolerance and diversity.. instead they get to watch their folks go apoplectic and froth at the mouth when faced with a reality of today's life in America... Guess we won't be seeing the show about little Jaun and how he lives in the back of a truck with 35 other folks travelling around the south picking vegetables from dawn to dusk, either..

    wonder if the same people condemning a cartoon rabbit are the same ones rooting for the poor Muslims in Iraq....
  2. Nah. I think they're just like the majority of us. They don't like poofs or lezzers either. Too many lefties trying to enforce their way of life on the rest of us. Fcuk them.

    And before anyone responds to this message with any leftie tolerance sh*te, .....I couldn't give a sh*t what you think. Gays should be burned at the stake.
  3. So you'd be for toasting the bunny, too.. with a little Bernaise Sauce and a white wine?..

    I'll set another plate, then...
  4. I'm with Biscuits on this one. Burn em at the stake, and drop a nuke on the fcuking rag-head terrorists. (make sure to get all the innocents out first! :twisted: )
  5. [​IMG]

    (Especially 'sugartime' girls)

  6. It's not Sponge Bob or the Bunny themselves. It's these "special" episodes, in both cases the aim is "teaching tolerance and diversity" problem is it's teaching a specific view of tolerance and diversity, and as I said in your sponge bob post, to specifically include homosexuals, as being perfectly normal, even as a "distinct culture" like any "race" is.

    This is done purposely for young children, they are at their most susceptile to be influenced, and the special interest groups behind these programs do not want parents involved. They depend upon parents believing their children are only watching some innocuous cartoon charater.

    Of course anyone who speaks out aginst these programs is labelled as the "fanatical right wingnuts" We are supposed to just accept the producers of the programs as normal, caring people who have no ulterior agenda.
  7. Brings back memories of Captain Planet from the lat 80s/early 90s.

    I have no problem with teaching "tolerance", as long as it is tolerance for all, not just specific target groups. I want tolerance for right-wing nutjobs too! 8)
  8. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    So you would condone Buster Bunnys latest visit to the Aryan Brotherhood deep in Americas Midwest?
  9. If they want to push ultra-"liberal" propaganda down peoples throats, then in the interests of balance, yes :lol: . However, it would surely be easier to just not have any agenda at all and just tell lots of nice little stories for kiddies with a few nice jokes thrown in for the adults.

    Remember, "liberal tolerance" means absolutely encouraging things they like, whilst being absolutely intolerant of things they don't like, and campaigning to have them banned.
  10. Is "Bunny Saute" or "Bunny Fricasse" on the menu? Personally, I would prefer "Bunny au vin" - for those less familiar with haute cuisine that is Bunny that has been run over by a van! :lol: :lol:

    How many spaces left at the table, Rocketeer? Room for a Ghost? :wink:

    I'll bring the vino - I've got a nice Chataeu de Rabbit in the cellar :twisted:


    Edited cause my fingers aren't working properly :lol:
  11. Normally, I'd agree with you.. I prefer my anthropomorphic funny animals to be bashing the snot out of each other for my family's amusement..but, we're talking Educational Television here..whose mandate was to show the kids in America something about their country which may be outside of the block on which they live..

    While most kids still live the " Father Knows Best/Wally and Beaver " lifestyle, more and more children are the products of divorce and live with a single parent or in a ' blended' family situation.. They may be latchkey kids where mom works three jobs & falls into bed exhausted when tyke is getting ready for school and is out scraping by when he comes home..Dad may have girlfriends younger than his daughter and Bobby's mom may bring a new uncle home each week...

    Dick and Jane should know that their pal, Jumaji, can't walk to the corner store after achool for a chocky bar because he has to pass a crack house and could get ' offed' by a richochet by a turf war drive by..Math buddy, Speedy lives in a roach infested walk up over a Gun 'n Chips shop with 23 close relatives because Dad smuggled them out of the old country because he had no more testicles to hand over to the ' police investigators '..

    And, they should learn that, while Marcel' mom shaves and wears pants, "she" still loves him as much as their parents love them, and works hard to make sure Marckie has Gap Jeans, a good, wholesome lunch in his Britney Spears backpack and a way cool X-Box Entertainment System in his rec room just like they do before they string him up by the swings at recess and call him a faggoty dickbreath.

    Marcel isn't any likely to grow up to be ' different ' than Dick or Jane, if allowed, and certainly is better off where he is, in a nurturing environment than to be hauled off to a group home or other state facility for ' his own good '.
    Hell, he may very well grow up to be the most gung ho, mean, much bemedalled macho Marine the corps ever had as much as he may become the swish lingerie designer, just the same as li'l Dick behind his white picket fence..

    And, shouldn't Educational Television be telling the kids in America that? instead of teaching them how to stick their heads in the sand or hide behind the the apoplectic skirts of their old man as he tosses Bible oneliners out at the dinner table?

    okay.. my rant is over..

    Nurse.!!! Decaf next time, please...
  12. Rocketeer sez:

    (Man...that's sooo 'Funny'!!)


  13. I'm chiming in with the right wingers on this one.

    The shows, diversity (want to know the #1 problem in education today? It's the D word), and left indoctrination of children into a marxist mindset against the wishes of the parents is, ahem, wrong
  14. HellonWheels...you are MY hetro-heroine-honey...

    Gotta watch out for those 'marxist mindsets'...