busted ..... what for ??

now we've all heard that your first tape is the hardest to get, and the easiest to lose.

but any numpty can get busted for going AWOL or fighting down town.

i'd like to be regaled with tales of extreme naughtiness in the face of overwhelming "grown uppishness" about how, why and where you got busted.

on my regimental conduct sheet it simply states that i was "out of bounds" ...

it doesnt mention the fact i'd sneaked out of the Maze prison in the boot of a mates covert car, been pinged by a tower guard, sparked a province wide security alert, prison roll call and manhunt for the "escaped prisoner" . "op wide awaked" the whole camp and meanwhile was totally oblivious to the whole thing whilst enjoying a few beers at a barbecue in Lisburn...

then i got back to camp .... ooooh .... the badge wasn't really very pleased with me ... i had tinitus for about a week.

when i got back into our block, my troop staffy (an ignorant west country pr1ck who despised me with a passion) had the biggest grin on his face i'd ever seen..

"Guess what i'm doing shortfuse?" he asked..

"no idea staff.... what?"

"raffling your bunk off cos you aint going to need it tomorrow..."

c unt.

so, at 0830 on a sunday ... yes SUNDAY morning L/cpl shortfuse rapidly became sapper shortfuse again and spent the rest of this tour on a VERY short leash, i needed at least one NCO with me if i left the room, in case i made another "break for freedom" :D

so lets hear yours then, unless you're a girly wet pants LSGC wearing goody two shoes whos only crime was coming to work with a pooey nose :D
I may have, at some point, once (long long ago) when asked for my opinion by a CO, given said CO my opinion.

However, it should be stated that he at no point ever mentioned that he'd like that opinion to be polite, tackful etc.

I may have, sort of, likened him to an organ of female genitalia.

Bye bye tape..... and RTU'd within 4 hours. I don't know what took em so long.

I still stand by that statement, he was a cnut

edited once cos' i cant spell for toffee
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