Busmans Holiday?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DozyBint, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. I just clicked on the link to The Forces Store on the front page and was having a browse when I saw:

    :? The perfect present for a soldier returning from an op tour, n'est pas? 8O Is there anything less appealing as a 'welcome home' gift?
  2. You really must get out more, Dozy!


  3. 8O Um... Just look at that fire position... Isn't that cover to his right?

    :roll: Ad says 'use an SA80 style rifle'...

    8O Yes! I know, but isn't that cover to his right ?

    :roll: Yes, BUT... the ad says... 'use an SA80 style rifle'!

    8O FMOB! At the very least it's cover from view!

    :roll: ...'SA80 style rifle....'

    :twisted: Does make a nice target though, doesn't he?
  4. Also available:

    -Cooking the perfect egg banjo
    -Bezzering, 101
    -The art of the poo-tache
    -An introduction to FIPAC
    -Swimming lessons with the Irish Guards
    -"Clubbing" with The RGJ
    -The 3 PARA Mortars Extravaganza (BYO Swarfega)