Busking British squaddies

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Imagine this:

    There were 17 of us on the way back from a scheme, when our 4-tonner developed a flat between Hessisch Oldendorf and Rinteln (about three clicks from Rinteln, actually). We had no spare because it had been scavenged on the scheme. So we sent one of our party off to tab to the BMH and rustle up some more transport.

    We waited and waited, but he didn't return, so we left the MSO driver in charge of all the gear in the truck and tabbed into Rinteln. There, the comrades proceeded to get absolutely smashed!

    At about 21:00 hours (this was on a Saturday evening), somebody made the suggestion that we should maybe make our way back to the truck. However, on the way, another bright spark had the brilliant idea of serenading the strolling Krauts with a chorus of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" in the Market Square. So we did - plus of course all the corresponding hand movements.

    Amazingly enough, lots of Krauts stopped to listen and watch, so we did it again. In fact we did it four times in all. The Krauts seemed a little bit bemused by the whole thing, but then our full-screw, TM (bless him) stepped forward, doffed his beret and gave a gallant bow. Unfortunately, he was so Brahms that he dropped his beret onto the cobbles.

    Then a strange thing happened. An elderly gentleman came forward smiling and threw a couple of Deutschmarks into it. Then more and more of the Krauts did the same!

    We actually made just over 15 Deutschmarks that evening. How was that for "Völkerverständigung"?

  2. Auld-Yin

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    Maybe get the feeling that the Boxheeds were taking the p ish out of you?