Business Names

Just to while away the time until cernunnos' next "Lezzers" instalment, lets play a little game. Come up with a (NAAFI Bar) suitable business or commodity / service name.

My starters:

Nurse Allitt's Special Strength Potassium Mixture
Ol' Doc Shipman's Tonic
McCann's Childmining Service
Sri Lankan Luxury Beach Huts
How to woo a lady- a Green Jackets Guide.
Stevie Wonder Sunglasses Hut
Myra Hindley's Day Care Centre
The Armin Meiwes School of home cooking.

Motto - We make sure you don't cockup your fry up!
'Frogs for Princes' - Cherie Blair's Lingerie company.

'Fraggle Rock' - A management consultancy run by MPs.

Paul McCartney's Marriage Counselling Service.
Ian Huntley Bath Supplies

Michael Barrymore Pool Services

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