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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Tumanfa, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. Wasnt too sure what forum to put this in....

    We are based over in Cyprus at the moment and I want to start up my own little business but so far, from what i've looked into I can't get a business grant with us being outside the uk.

    Does anyone know if there are any other options or wether the army offers any type of grants for wives?
  2. No.

    Don't bloody want much, do you?
  3. Not really, just some helpful advise would be good!?!
  4. Get a job, or a second job, save up.
  5. With two kids under 3 and next to no day care or jobs on the garrison my options are very limited, hence going down the small business route.
  6. Tried the old fashioned being a mother option?
  7. Funnily enough mate I do that every single minute of the day!! But when you are bringing up two kids and saving for a mortgage every little helps. Having my own business would give me the flexibility to both work during the night and still be a mother during the day. But thanks for jumping to the conclusion that I am not being a mother to my children.....

    I could always sit on my arse get fat and eat up my husbands wages...Jesus no pleasing some people!
  8. Yes you could and that wouldn't bother us because it's not our wages. So why can't you work in the evenings when your husband is home.
  9. Perhaps if you'd have learnt to swallow you'd be better off?
  10. The jobs on the garrison, especially at night are few and far between. Plus its not like he works a 9 to 5, for all we know he maybe in a different country next week.

    I assume none of you actually have any helpful info, just commenting for the sake of commenting!?!
  11. Nail and head springs to mind. Are you attractive?