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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Forces Business, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Hello everyone. I have been directed to this website by my client who has a small relocatable business for sale. I am representing the client as a broker. The sale is confidential but full details can be given for any serious enquiries.

    Briefly the business has a sales forecast this year of £100k + at good levels of profit. It is fully relocatable and will definitely be of interest to serving or ex-services people or those planning to leave. The asking price is £40k.
  2. Is your client from Nigeria? Does he need my bank details.
  3. So, why is he selling it?
  4. This is a hot dog van, isn't it.

    Count me in.
  5. I like hot dogs and burgers.
  6. Real men eat tofu
  7. I am in charge of providing food.....................
  8. "Dear sir. I represent an idiot who is clearly thick as ****, as he wants to give all his money away and move back to his shoebox on the hard shoulder of the M40. All I require for this to go ahead is a fee of £4995.00 up front to smooth over the legal and admin costs, and it's yours. Pleae send all correspondence to;

    Dr Jetamobolololaskiwareboli Esq.
    Admin hut (the one with the red corrugated iron roof)
    Shanty town #7

    Serious replies only yes please thank you"

  9. No they ******* don't!
  10. I've seen you eat meat! I bet you've not tried cooking with tofu it's vile.
  11. Got any hot dogs?
  12. Do you mean bean turd? It's like eating something that has been passed through a dog!!
  13. and what is he selling?
  14. I can foresee a little fat baldy bloke selling shite sports kit in a cookhouse near you!
  15. As all women should be.