Business Dead Pool 2013

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sportbilly42, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Predicting the demise of those celebrities on the A List through the Z List of the rich, famous or powerful has been a rewarding and satisfying pastime for Arrsers with a good set of highly rubbed crystal balls able to foresee someone popping their clogs.

    Do we have a similar thread for predicting those major High Street businesses that either have their life support unplugged by the administrators or are being wheeled in to intensive care?

    In the past few months there has been a rush of candidates with Clinton Cards, JJB Sports, Blockbusters, Comet, Jessops and HMV all putting heir names forward. Honda are laying off workforce but they're just 'feeling unwell' and not going to kick the bucket (not exactly 'High Street' either)

    Makes you wonder what the High Street of 2014 will look like... Row after row of Poundland, 99p Stores, Robert Dyas, Wilkinson or charity shops of every sort....

    GAME seems a certain slow death
    WHSmith has tried shuffling things around but still seems to be struggling
    Millets seemed to be devoid of customers other than the pre-christmas rush...

    Who's going to be left? We can't ALL just shop in Tesco or online can we?
  2. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    H Samuels
    And if Millets goes so does Blacks et al.
  3. Don't you believe it. Look at the last 10 year as to how much the 'shopping' habits of the nation has moved on. We are driven by price, not service or quality.

    I cannot remember where I heard this but it goes something like this "If I only own one object, let it be one of quality" now it is "If I only own one object, let it be cheap". Sad world
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Didn't I suggest this thread? Just checking like.

    Clinton's, Argos, and any one of your large bookshops. I'll say WH Smith's, but I think they are trying to expand more into an online entity than a high street presence.

    Glorified newsagents either way.
  5. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

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  6. PC World next, despite their online presence, or they will chop off one of their other arms, currys and dixons.

    They just cannot cope with the chinese online shops which are knocking stuff out on a massive scale for a cheaper price with no overheads and mostly importing staright from China to your front door. Fuck knows how they get away with it.
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  7. Looking to see how the 'budget' hotel game will go down this year.

    We appear to have about 20 extra rooms per night compared to last year and the prices seem set at about £20 higher than usual. Can't last much longer. I reckon companies would sooner give their guys a tent to put up outside of a road services before they start paying £70 on average for shit rooms for them.
  8. dammit....
    Post #7 in the HMV thread in Current Affairs which I'm now reading through..... (so much to read on this site and so little time} A good read though...

    Perhaps it would be better to start "ONLINE Retail Dead Pool 2013" ? Now THAT would be a much harder list to come up with.........
  9. I think its safe to assume that the future is Amazon, Ebay and at least three of the big supermarkets.

    I read somewhere that Morrisons was about to go tits up.
  10. To die:
    1 - Hotel Chocolat
    2 - Thorntons
    3 - WH Smith
    4 - Homebase (too expensive compared with rivals)

    Growth areas:
    1 - Market stall holders getting a free 3 month rent then buggering off
    2 - Spaz scooter hire
    3 - Temporary cheap oak furniture showrooms
  11. Hopefully:

    PC World
    WH Smith
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  12. More Public Houses - that will help the decline of the high street.
  13. Actual 'shops' are just fucked now.

    I was looking for a game for the xbox the other day and popped into GAME (which used to be Gamestation down here) and noted that a pre-owned copy was £35. I then happened to be picking up some shopping in Sainsbury's and saw the same game for £25 brand new. Considered buying it but left it for now. On ebay later that night I could buy a copy of the game for £18.

    People will normally take the cheaper option.