Business Cards

Just bung it in yer printer and cut 'em out!  Eight per A4 page 8)


Right Click the link below then 'Save Target As...'

>>Download Here<<

(688Kb @ 250dpi) so be patient! ;)
Strange...when I download the image from the arrse site (the flyer too), the image appears incomplete (if you then right click / save as... it saves ok)

Might just be my browser settings though...

Odd!  ???


straying from the subject slightly (sorry good/bad CO). Eagle's Kazaa piccie. Kazaa is a top site with loads of decent d/loads. Try it.
Howver, if you do download KazaaLite, run Norton Antivirus on the folder before you install. Some copies contain the "Benjamin" worm virus.

Personally, I use the full version, because they, at the end of the day, need the Ad revenue to continue the service.

....and not just because I lived (in the biblical sense) with the owner of for 3 years  ;D ;D
Personally, I use the full version, because they, at the end of the day, need the Ad revenue to continue the service.
Fair one :)

By all means use the spyware/ad version (the spyware's not that intrusive anyway) - but if you only have a 56Kb Dial-up connection, your download rate will suffer with all those ads. :)
I have to say that, cos I still talk to her on a regular enough basis to give the Forlani-lookalike the arrse  ;D

On another point, Eagle, how big is the collection of Gifs you've made yourself, I may have a business proposition for you.........

Blimey, maybe Bad/Good CO can open another section "Business Opportunities, the Arrse B2B network" lol

No, the trick is, to catch em when they're young and impressionable,pay bloody hard to get, especially when they know they're babes and have a great deal of luck  ;)

Nikki and I worked in the software industry together, and it just sort of happened. Great girl, bit small (5'3) but a lot of fun, though lately I fear, she has gone corporate barmy. Why the hell do they always accrue a shed load of money a couple of years after we finish  :mad:

I notice , that the piccie on is deliberately cropped, I know Nikkis vain, but Jesus....

Still , this is what she looks like now....

More recently.....,2438,113318,00.jpg

How much is it worth not to put up the ones on the net, with you wearing that "Not really there O'neill dental floss swimsuit" Nikki?

Ok, this is going to be very quick...... I did ask permission, she'd actually would like to know what peeps think.(Yep she's a woman)

Photo doesn't do her justice having been caught on our webcam, but u get the idea.

Ok, it's up 4 an hour  ;D


PTP - wow. Not an arse lick cos i don't know you. Uncanny. And hot. I bet she looks different with a few vodka's in her though ;D
She does Verdi....

Think "Wild Gypsy Wench who wants to fight the world" ;D
may i suggest something??. A printable ARRSE ID card for the moderators (special due to the fact that people could put their names into it), and the rest of the members?? with the possibility of having a photo put in??.
PTP you need to put the shots back up again never got round to seeing them.

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