Bushs Xmas Video - Stars Scottie dog & Bliar!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. CNN News today.

    Not a lot of people know this but the Bushs' have a Scottie dog. It has been featured in their Christmas video. Introduction was done by T.Bliar, who stated....." lots of good things come from Scotland....blah..blah... blah!"

    So that's where he is. Next he'll be doing Crufts. Wonder if he'll enter Cherie and in which class?
  2. Just when you thought he couldn't sink any lower, he's gone from being Bush's lapdog to being Bush's lapdog's straight-man.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - What a cunt.
  3. so he now is below bush's lapdog - no surprise there then :roll:
  4. I'll second that.

    Absolutely no ******* shame :evil:
  5. I heard about this on Radio 4 this morning, with Matthew Parris saying that it was so cringe making that he was almost sick. Sadly I have not been able to watch it. This has got to be the lowest an ex-PM has stooped. You just can't imagine Thatcher, Callaghan etc even listening to a request to humiliate themselves, the office of PM and the Country, let alone be put in front of a camera. I suppose he has always been a closet "luvvie", what will he do now? Bare all on the Oprah show? Follow his father-in-law into the "Confessions" films? 8O
  7. First "The Simpsons", and now this. Are there any depths to which this cnut will not sink in order to get his gurning mug in the public view?
    God help us all when he gains his heart's desire of becoming President of the EU. :x
  8. Dear God. Notice he's wearing a blue tie these days.
  9. In a nation of over 60 million souls - many of whom are wise, and some of which are quite handsome; is there no one better than Tony Blair that we could have chosen?
  10. Completely agree. Who advised him to do it? Did anyone even try and talk him out of it? It's not as if it's just a Christmas card. Everybody's seen it, including the bods in the Middle East who will be laughing into their hookahs at this golden opportunity to undermine his 'peace mission'.

    Bush's poodle? It's a disaster and makes him look like an arrse.

    It also makes The Shaven Chimp look like a silly arrse.

    Hats off, chaps!
  11. My Bold: Like Gordon Brown for instance, Tone????
  12. Trousers..... good find!

    As for the video - WHY?

    Bush's daughter got engaged in one...... bet she got pumped in the arse in one too, like Mom (and Bliar the cnut!)!!!
  13. What really pisses me off is the REAL rewards these arrsewipes get : Thatcher-international ambassador for Philip Morris and the mandatory lecture circuit at squigabucks per hour for tonguing Reagan's ring.
    Major - European chairman of the Carlyle group ( Bush family megaprofit engine) and lecture circuit for getting us into Iraq1
    Lord Howe - European board of Carlyle for being Defence Sec. in Iraq1
    Tony Tw*thead - we shall see.

    Didn't stuff like that used to count as treason?