Bushs secret is out!

This is a rather clever vid on a Kraut website about the little (Ger)man guiding Bush the Bewildered. It explains a lot.


It's in German, but with English subtitles. Quite clever, I thought, especially as it's from the Krauts - who are known the world over for their sense of humour. :D :D :D

Absolutely hilarious!

Many thanks
Many thanks oatmeal - very much appreciated.

Of the 14 defining characteristics of fascism under that criteria the only one I was unable to apply to the united kingdom was No3 - disproportionate spending on the military!

However, rather worryingly, we do have an increasingly paramilitary police force - the armed branch of the Home Office!

Regards and best wishes
That is bloody genius.

All the clever little things. It's a fuel line put there for health and safety, then the interview on the newspaper where he says his English wasn't good enough to be a taxi-driver, but coupled with the scene before it must be fine to be George Bush. It makes a refreshing break from Yank comedy in which everything has to be spelt out then and there. Oh, and along with canned laughter.
I'm glad you all appreciated it as much as I did!

For those who speak fluent German (and I mean fluent!): Achtet bitte, Leute, auf den norddeutschen Dialekt, der im Video verwendet wird! Woher kommt er, und was soll er bewirken?

"Und nun zu den Fragen", um einmal den (Kotzkopf) Kohl zu zitieren!


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