Bush's secret army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by easesprings, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. They can't do the job themselves so they get someone else to do it...typical spams... and I bet the spams made it legat so they could use them as well

    Bush's secret army - The USA hires contract soldiers to fight in Iraq

    After the US government, who is the biggest single military contributor to the occupation of Iraq? Not Britain - as official figures claim - but private military companies. Over 10,000 men and women perform various jobs under contract to the military in Iraq we have been told. Furthermore, official US government figures indicate that out of a total US$85bn allocated by the USA for military operations in the Middle East this year, over a third will go to private contractors. A reality check: this figure is greater than the defence budgets of most countries.

    The transfer of jobs performed by the military to private companies has a long history and is justifiable. Governments have a duty to get value for their taxpayers' money and many support jobs, such as providing logistical back-up in the form of transport, catering or housing, is best left to the private sector. Furthermore, a great deal of the military expenditure in purchasing new weapons actually goes on maintenance and technological upgrades.

    How does this work in Iraq? When the USA launched its invasion last March, its battleships included civilians, operating some of the world's most sophisticated weapons systems. Unmanned Predator drones, the Global Hawks, and the B-2 stealth bombers went into action with weapons not only maintained, but actually operated by civilians.

    The private sector became even more deeply involved in the war's aftermath. A US company has the lucrative contract to train the new Iraqi army; another to recruit and train an Iraqi police force. And even the life of the USA's chief civilian administration in Iraq, Paul Bremer, is usually protected by a private company, rather than conventional US troops.

    A US-based company is providing patrols throughout Iraq and its arsenal ranges from M4 assault rifles to 20mm cannons mounted on its own helicopters. The company operates firing training ranges in the USA and actively recruits for what, to all intents and purposes, is now a private army. It is all perfectly legal. [/b][/i]
  2. I can think of someone who may be recruiting right now :lol: take 'em by the "short and curlies" I say :lol:
  3. Sandline by any chance?????

    Do anyone know of these companies????
  4. was thinking more of BB actually :lol:
  5. Using mercs is nothing new for the Spams. Remember the CIA's front company, "Air America", in Vietnam? Ollie North and the Sandinistas? Or maybe that was a salsa band......

    To answer an earlier query, many of the Brit "security companies" recruiting for Ay-rack have links via South African subsidiaries. I'll post an updated list in the next few days for anyone who may be interested.
  6. The Brit Army has been recruiting/using merc's for years....they are called Gurkha's
  7. The main Brit "private military companies" are Global Risk Strategies, with 500 Fijians and an equal number of Gurkhas on their books, the Control Risks Group, with about 500 ex-Brit soldiers, Erinys - a joint South African-UK mob - with a few hundred on its payroll. They include about 150 white apartheid-era SA veterans of ops in Angola.

    The Hart Group is a good one. It's registered in Bermuda, but is run by Richard Bethell, late of the Scots Guards and Hereford, and specialises in recruiting former SF veterans.

    There's also a smaller outfit, AKE, which has a number of Aussie ex-SAS guys and a few from this side of the Pacific with similar qualifications as its operatives.

    There are about 35 PMCs, mainly Spam firms, with perhaps 6000 armed employees. Good money at up to 1000 notes a day depending on the job and individual experience. High risk, though.
  8. Alright then...now that I've got my kevlar and steal pot on tight, I'm prepared to answer.

    You know that US deficit Clinton is famous for reducing back in the 90s? Well guess what took the hit? That's right. The US military. Countless bases were closed during his administration. I don't have any figures, but I'll be happy to wrangle some up.

    So what we (the US) have now is a very scaled down military with Reservists and National Guard being deployed at a rate never before seen in US history.

    Recruiting was up a little after 9/11, but honestly most Americans look down on serving, because it truly is a sacrifice. I was considering joining myself a few months ago. To do so, I'd have taken a 300% pay cut, have to sell my home and everything I owned. Were I younger, I'd do it in a heart beat. But you just don't make the kind of money in the military as you do in a civilian position.

    Alright, go ahead. Everyone gang up on beastly little SPAM! :D

    King George sent Hessians to subdue the colonials in America. :D
  9. Can we have them back now please :wink:
  10. Sure for a small handling fee and 6% interest a day times 200 years. :D

    What? Too steep? I am a capitalist, you know! :D
  11. And you'll note I knocked off 29 years purely in good faith, of course. :wink:
  12. Too late BTW, we`re already over here in North Carolina, deciding if we want the country back! (If I`m honest, you can keep it, its way too humid for me.) Conditions were slightly better in Afghanistan and Iraq... Hold on a minute, is that what you`re up to??
  13. Too late BTW, we`re already over here in North Carolina, deciding if we want the country back! (If I`m honest, you can keep it, its way too humid for me.) Conditions were slightly better in Afghanistan and Iraq... Hold on a minute, is that what you`re up to??
  14. Some of our finest regiments started off as freelances. The Royal Jocks were a mercenary force hired by Gustav Adolphus of Sweden in the Thirty Years' War - they grew to make up a brigade of his army and took part in all his victories in Germany. It was only after the war that they became a British regiment, and even then King James the ? hired them out to the French on one occasion. The original Green Jackets were Prussian mercenaries - their jackets were green because it was Brunswick green (From Braunschweig in Germany).
  15. Some of my blokes were approached by a company while they were out there, and also get letters from this company when they returned, to go and work for them. From what I understand alot of the work was unprotected in and around Bagdad.
    I think it was something to do with their OC and the links he had with the company. From what they say it was run by someone ex Hereford Sports and Social Club.