Bushs last stand

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by jonwilly, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2092-2350345,00.html

    How Bush plans to turn the tables.
    I luvved this line

    "The president simultaneously sent to Capitol Hill a bill that would legalise the military tribunals the Supreme Court had found unconstitutional in June, allow an elite squad of the CIA to continue Geneva-banned coercive interrogations, and grant retroactive legal impunity to all civilian officials who had authorised torture and war crimes since 9/11."

    Ah Remember Calley ? massacre a village and Presidential Pardon.
  2. George W Love him or hate him you cannot ignore him or his resolute stance on doing his own thing
  3. A year or so ago there was an American Professor of Law on the BBC Hardtalk program.
    He was conncerned about the use of torture by US Forces/Agencies.
    His problems was not actually Torture but that if it was being used then it should be made subject to LAW.
    He was a pure accademic and was saying that if it is nessasary for whatever reason, Then it should be covered by US Law.
    The troops at the bottom of the scale should not be held responsible for the Law Makers at the top of the system who have now becomming the people responsible for the use of Torture.
    Bit like UK where Parliament has washed its hands of the death penalty and now the police firearms oficer is the one who who takes the on the spot decision on life and death.
  4. Its all part of the devolution of responsibility John, I have been trying it for years with various financial Institutions with no real success - prehaps they are not yet with the program?
  5. How "elite" do you have to be to be a torturer?
  6. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Just a thought but isn't this rather a silly move legally should he fail. He is recognising the current illegitamacy of the cited actions. He is also by default admitting knowledge of them. If they are passed inthe US he's won half a battle, if not then he has opened himself up. He's either very brave or foolhardy. Ahhh, now I understand the Custer reference :wink:
  7. Resolute? Or just too fückin' incompetent/indifferent/thick to act in any other way?


  8. or prehaps resolute in his incompetance
  9. Nice one, AJ! :D :D :D

  10. Dubya may simply be trying to save the skins of those who could give awkward testimony under a future Democrat administration. He has also tried his best to pack the Supreme Court with sympathisers.

    I can't see this being made law before the mid-terms, and certainly not afterwards. The CIA report on no pre-war link between Iraq and AQ has damaged what remains of his credibility.
  11. Calley never received a Presidential pardon. Second, Congress will pass a law that will authorize military tribunals. Tribunals were used by Lincoln in the Civil War and by FDR in WW2. Torture has never been authorized.
  12. A friend of mine who's ex Hong Kong Police, once remarked to me that the only reason he didn't give suspects a kicking in the cells was that it was against the rules. Other than that, he had no problem with it, especially if he knew the suspect was lying.
  13. Quite right T6. He was just sentenced, in March of 1971, to a life of hard labor, but served just 4 days at Ft Leavenworth before being transferred to house arrest. A little over three years later, his sentence was reduced to time already served by Nixon and he was paroled in November of 1974.

    True, but will it be the kangaroo court the admnistration wants or something reasonable, like the JAGs want, which won't make a mockery of their profession?

    Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Say no more, squire.

    "OK men. We are in a helicopter at 3000ft AGL, we are traveling at 100kts. Allowing for 10 degrees of crosswind from the left, at 12kts and assuming International Standard Atmosphere conditions:

    a) At what point would this Vietnamese man, weighing 137lbs, hit the jungle floor?
    b) How long would it take him to get there?
    c) How much faeces will be involuntarily expelled from the bowels of the other Vietnamese chap currently sat next to him?

    Yes- you Cpl Smith. What's the answer?"
  14. Is that really all you've got to contribute? Why do you even bother?

    It's obviously an Op Ed piece- for a start, Andrew Sullivan is a columnist. The other thing that you're missing is that Andrew Sullivan is also a Neo-Con, (although he's shifted his views on Iraq of late.) and, IMHO, he's on the money with his analysis here. But if you want to contribute your own brand of expertise, I'm all ears.

    Now, let's take the entire sentence that you paraphrased, in full:

    The point Sullivan is making is that given the weakness of his opponent, a relatively strong economy and American voters' traditional reluctance to "change horses in mid-stream" during wartime, the odds were stacked in his favour and he should have won by a landslide.

    Besides, the article isn't about Bush per se. It's about political strategy. Rove is an absolute genius, nobody can deny that and he's probably the only one who might be able pull off what he's trying to accomplish- which is a double whammy of getting what he wants from Congress, and perhaps securing GOP control of Congress again.

    It's a high stakes, high risk strategy- a Hail Mary worthy of Doug Flutie (sorry Brits). I think they'll get the bill passed, but for Rove (and therefore Bush), everything is going hinge on how many compromises are made between what the White House wants and what the Senate will accept, and how any concessions are spun.
  15. Hey, retard. You already made your standard witless reposte to that comment a couple of hours ago.

    As to his opinion- he was quite helpful in The March to War in terms of helping to forge public opinion, he was on Fox News (as the token homosexual- but they didn't talk about that much) and other news outlets morning, noon and night.