Bushs Last Gift to Israel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, May 11, 2008.

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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSN1053676620080510?pageNumber=1&virtualBrandChannel=0&sp=true

  2. What would be the Number One issue, seeing if the Israelis had all signed up for Jews for Jesus" yet?
  3. Rather than defending the indefensible, he'd do far better to save innocent lives and protect the true victims of aggression. This course would appear to make far more sense - at least to right thinking people.
  4. Amen.
  5. Israel - Born of terrorism, created by Terrorists, still terrorising civilians 60 years later.
  6. Anti-semitism on parade.
  7. Amen tomahawk. Israels' problem is that it wants to be western. If it was a tin pot dictatroship then we would be applauding it for its moderate stance. Unfortunately, most people have no idea of the actual issues and hit out against the only western country in that situation. This problem then gets projected onto the jews.

    Anyway, isnt it better that the US is providing them with a deensive capability rather than doing nothing.
  8. why not give them trident as well that would realy set the arabs off big time a good excuss for bush to have a pop at iran and realy screw every thing up. On a nother note I did an exchang with the IDF when I was in bloody good lads rock hard and on the ball targets defo fall when hit with them .
  9. Oh dear, never mind you Nazi boys hate it that Israel can defend itself. Israel will still be here long after you and your ilk have gone.
  10. Right
    Two British Sergeants hung
    Born of terrorism, yes. My grandad served in Palestine and told me storys of being shot at by Jews and Arabs alike.

  11. Now you've done it! You'll now be denounced a a nazi for pointing out the unpleasant truth about Israel…
  12. You forgot to mention the King David Hotel.....etc etc....yawn.

  13. Right in que!!

    Hers a thing… Anti SEMITISM is a hatred of JEWS… I don't like the policies of ISRAEL… Israel's a COUNTRY, not a RACE.

    I just love the way Israel apologists roll out the 'anti semite' card when anyone criticized Israel… it shows just how weak your case is.
  14. I take it you are bored of hearing about the deaths of British soldiers are you?
  15. Not going to call me a Nazi then? Just because you don't like Israel doesn't make you one. We remember the IRA bombings as terrorism yet ignore events like these. Well I do think this defense system is a good idea as hopefully it will stop incoming from Hezbollah and the like giving less reason for retaliation attacks which cause massive collatoral damage and civilian loss of life.