Bushnell DOA 600 Rifle Scope, 3-9x40, DOA 600 Reticle

It appears to be designed specifically for fullbore, bou also specifically for rangefinding using the antlers of American deer species as a reference. If you don't mind all that useless crap in your sight picture then crack on.

If you are worried about rangefinding then a laser rangefinder combined with a mildot reticle might be a better idea.
Those things are a con.

Rifle, target, ringefinder and a box of ammo are what you need if you want to work out holdover. When you have worked out what your holdover should be, you can either use a scope with turrets and calibrate it for different shots, or you can use a Mildot to guide you. The Bushnell Elite 10x 40 is an excellent scope for this.

All these fancy doodahs in your scope are just ways to con money out of people who don't know their setup well enough. Cash is better spent on more ammo for the range.
Thanks, I specifically didn't want to be adjusting the turrets, but this sight does have mildots and I liked the look of the stadia lines for aiming off, given that it only cost less than $60 I will give it a go and take your advice of using the money saved on ammo on the range to get a fell for it.

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