Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Mrs Dubb-al-Ibn (zowjat-al-Dubb ?) has just returned from the US and being well-trained ex-Corps herself and of a Celtic persuasion, brought back a duty-free litre of Blackbush (the weapon of choice in the Dubb household). I spotted the receipt issued at JFK airport which read:

    "1 ltr of Bushmills scotch" AAAGH ! Bloody heathens.

    Anyway, it brought back some memories. A day out at the distillery with colleagues from the local agency and a strange amnesia which lasted for 48 hours in which not a lot of int work was done. Severe bruising to one knee that, I'm told, resulted from falling out of the Lynx returning to XMG and an amazing thirst that lasted for a week.

    There must be some Bushmills-related stories out there, usually starting with the Corps tradition of someone in the Greenfly/det bar saying, "Come on, let's have a Bush, just to finish the night...just the one because I've got to be up early in the morning/got to brief the brigadier/BFT tomorrow etc, etc." Then suddenly it all goes hazy....and later you wish you hadn't....
  2. can't remember if it was bushmills or somewhere else in the vicinity, but i recall the not-very-civilian reply given by one of the collators in '91, whilst trying not to give away that the group were in the army.

    barman: "So, where are youse fellas from then?"

    North Face wearing collator: "Various locations" :)
  3. No doubt he had arrived in a "vehicle" or "transport" as opposed to a "car" like normal civvies.

    Was he wearing KSBs or is that too far back ? And, of course, any activity involving Bushmills was always termed "liaison."
  4. We met Roger LLoyd-Pack there when we went on 'liaison' and he was definitley the one doing all the tasting!

    It spawned a spate of 'We didn't miss the Trigger' jokes across the Unit.
  5. We had rather a nice Bushmills tradition that got a little out of hand in the end. While I was at 8 Bde WIS there were a number of similar (not sure where to put these) HQ types, including Bde Comds Drivers, RMP CP types, Jim, who drove something for the Bleeps and 1 or 2 of the EOD boys.

    We lived in a knackered, but roomy accomodation block down near the POL point in Ebrington and as we were so diverse in role, tried as hard as we could to have breakfast in Jim's room every Saturday morning, to ensure we could chat and slag each other off at least once a week. Breakfast consisted of toast with coffee, containing a very large slug of Black Bush. For those who had not been working on the Friday night it was quite often the case that Jim would challenge you to clean your teeth with the Bush (ooer!), not always easy after a skinful the night before.

    This most idyllic start to the weekend came to a halt after many months as it became increasingly difficult to get out the door to Browning Drive at 8pm when breakfast had only finished about an hour before. It didn't help either that many of us were on call during these mammoth breakfasts, and perhaps were relying a little too heavily on the RUC looking the other way (a practice that they put an end to during my time there).

    Happy times nonetheless! A good diversion from the other shit going on!
  6. Visited Bushmills, got the usual "and this is where we add the, blah, blah, blah, suddenly the bloke turns to us and says look boys, I'm from 5 R Irish I'm still feeling fcukin rough from one of the lads leaving do last night, fancy cutting this short and going staight to the main course?

    Rodger that we cheerily piped up! Hours later in a drunken haze and with our new bezzer, we rolled into the transport and drove (with the duty driver of course) back to North Howard street Mill. Funnily enough, our new mate was from Portrush and was due to take his wife for a anniversary meal that very evening, how we larfed (stupidly!)
  7. It wasn't me, I was never there...and I'll never go again...
  8. I believe the infamous STARRNET (or whatever they called it in NI) tower incident in Lisburn in the early 90s was Bushmills fuelled.
  9. But tha's only because that was all he drank.

    Along with Blackbush and gin and guinness...and other odds and sods
  10. No I'm sure he'd have the odd Guinness chaser
  11. Bushmills. Aaagh CHRIST you had to remind me of the worst hangover I ever had.
  12. worst hangover i ever had was after the Naafi bop in lisburn in 91. to cut a long story short, i ended up projectile vomiting inside crumlin road courthouse :oops:
  13. Hmmm - A Diplock spew?
  14. '87 - couldn't get out of bed for 2 days due to Bushmills :)
  15. New Years Eve 1988 - Boa Island PVCP. Went into top sangar at 2200Hrs came out of sangar 0700Hrs with no recollection of anything in between apart from damp combats and a mouth like an undrained 432 pack compartment. Bushmills has never passed my lips since. :shaking: