"Bushmaster" under consideration for British Army

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by maxixe_97, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Could do worse (its Irish designed (Timoney Technology))!
  2. Oh no it isn't!

    I took mine for a rather nice drive to the Gold Coast on Tuesday. Delightfully air conditioned and at the appropriate height and angle for the odd truckers glimpse - if you catch my drift!
  3. Considering that almost everything else has proved vulnerable to the Persian Might, the Bushmaster seems mighty enticing.
  4. If the Cloggies have gone for it, it must be fairly safe.
  5. Hello,

    as it is late and I am to busy to check,the following may or may not be true.
    Long ago Timoney made a wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier with advanced suspension for the Irish Army.
    Later the Belgians bought a variant called the BDX.
    Vickers then entered a Timoney derived vehicle called the Valkyr in a competition for a "Battle Taxi" for the British Army.
    The competition was instead won by the Saxon.
    Twenty years later Timoney design the Bushmaster for the Australians.
    Which is now rumoured to be a future "Battle Taxi" for the British Army.

  6. Huh??
  7. Hello Devil_Dog,

    My sentiments exactly.

  8. They must be good .... my boys (aged 4 & almost 2) had to be dragged screaming from playing in one at the Regimental 'Family Day' ....

    [cough cough]

    The folks down in Bendigo (Victorian town were the Bushies are made) were almost wetting themselves when there was talk of the Americans buying a lazy couple of thousand. The Dutch have bought 25 and mmmmmmm that's it. So the nice people at Thales are probably trying not to get too excited this time.

    And Ozduke Sir you're a naughty boy.
  9. Oh I Know - good to get out of the office though!
  10. Dutch have bought 35 and there are plans for more I believe. 3 were lost due to fairly large IEDs, 1 by multiple RPG hits but no casualties though.

    Here is a nice pic from Astan. A Dutch bushmaster had to pull a landrover of the Welsh Guard back to base after engine problems.


  11. Bushmaster is the sort of vehicle that every European army except the germans seems to be short of.

    Basically a very surviveable and mobile TUM from my understanding of it.

    It would be rather a nice change to see Irish Army patrols in such lovely parts of the world as they might be sent to play not have the traditional mix of APCs and Softskin TUMs and TULs.

    This is the next logical step after procuring Panther Style Light Tactical Armoured vehicles for Liaison roles.
  12. From the Australian newspaper website dated 14 May:

    BRITAIN has bought 24 of the Australian-made Bushmaster mine-resistant vehicles for use in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Details of the defence contract were confirmed yesterday by a spokeswoman for the British High Commission in Canberra.

    "As I understand, the vehicles have been loaded and are on their way for use straight away," the spokeswoman said.

    Full story: