Bushes latest target for conquest.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by NEO_CON, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. A Bush speech outlines the plan for occupation. A picture of the target
    -------------------------------------------------------LargeFile43MB.Small File

    Click on picture to enlarge
  2. Doesn't suprise me, Bush has been on Mars for years.......
  3. It's a great picture and It would be a nice place to visit, but I would hate to live there.
  4. Are you admitting you wouldn't like Bush as a neighbour?...lol
  5. I can barely handle knowing he's alive :evil:
  6. I am speaking strictly of Mars . Whether Mr. Bush lives there or not is a question history will have to decided.
  7. "Let's see now......




    Awwww...now c'mon guys....you call yourselves Special Advisors??

    Hey look....the check books open but even I'm not that dumb......

    We took that place already ....uh.....didn't we?

    CONDOLEEEEEEEEEZZZZAAAA! Help me out here a minute..."

  8. A hill too far? Maybe not. Operation Rock Garden sounds good to me.
  9. Well I not very keen going up against a bloody tripod armed with a heat ray count me out .

  10. Never fear it will be the job of the Mars Brigade.

    The commander

    The Brigade

  11. I can't believe people are making light of this situation. The Martians are armed and are threatening our planet and all you do is make jokes. This is what Colin Powell has said:

    Also I found this blog of some events which occured earlier today. It describes the new martian weapon called a 'heat ray'... http://www.fourmilab.ch/etexts/www/warworlds/b1c5.html

    I can't believe the mainstream press are continuing with the fallacy that Mars is an uninhabited planet and of no threat to us.

    Neo_Con - you were right all along - some obscure blog gives a much more accurate picture of what's happening than some selection of newspapers.

  12. Now that you agree with me on Mars........
  13. Just read Bill Roggio's latest bulletin from 'Operation Red Planet'(sorry NEO, you got it wrong - seems the Pentagon favoured the 'RED' bit because it implied they were attacking the commies), Bill is asking for donations to buy a heat-shield so he can 'in-bed with the Grunts........
  14. Ah.. if we could only get Bush sent to Mars permenantly! Might as well send Bliar along for good company. And the whole brothel

  15. I am going to blog this one myself . Bill has more importain things to do.