Bushcraft hobo stove - backpacking stove

Home made bushcraft wood stove, made from stainless steel. Handy when you out walking, back packing, camping.

Use mine when going to bike rallys as a brew maker and extra warmth. Also great to gather round and chat with like minded people.

Comes with a rip-stop dpm camo bag with para cord drawstring,
4 tent pegs to use as supports,
4 fuel tablets
1 gel cooker

Theres 4 notches on the top of the cooker, for 2 tent pegs to lie across to support a crusader up or billy can

Measurements approx are:-
Inner diameter across top is 11.6cm
outer diameter across top is 11.8cm
theres a rolled over edge at the top..
Height is 13.5cm
circumference is approx 38cm

Price is £10.99 postage is £3.05 1st class to most places in the UK.
Selling item on Ebay UK - Link below
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Bushcraft hobo stove

Crusader cup NOT included in sale

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