Bush Wants a Makover...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Oh,, this is going to work, really...

    U.S. Secretary of State, Grupenfeuhrer Condoleeza Rice announced yesterday that she has named -oh, sorry, President George W. Bush has named, one of his ' closest and most powerful advisors', as Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy: Karen Hughes.

    this is a move that officials said is meant to aggressively tackle the plummeting image of the United States abroad, particularly in the Arab World..[ um- how can positioning an aggressive, feminist uber woman to deal with conservative 13th century thinking, won't-shake-hands-with-a-woman unless she's clothed head-to-toe in black, men work??]

    okay, minor point, and not where I was going with this..

    Ms Hughes, in defending her appointment said:
    " I grew up in an army family " [ that helps, I guess ]" I was born in
    Paris [ hmmm ] and LIVED OVERSEAS IN CANADA AND IN PANAMA. I learned to respect people of different countries and different cultures. "
    But obviously failed to learn basic geography..unless they moved Canada when I was sleeping and nobody told me..

    Think her credibility slipped a notch in the effort to rebuild America's ' plummeting image abroad '...
  2. ah, so she's a gung-ho army brat with surrender monkey tendencies, excellent!


    on a semi-related subject, anyone see lenny henry's p*ss-take of condolezza "stupid name" rice on comic relief?
  3. Is Paris, Texas overseas ?.
  4. Yes, it was embarassing shite. One of the real conspiracies of the British media is the pretence that Lenny Henry is in any way funny. I've seen his stand-up act a couple of times now and it's fücking tedious drivel. The same could be said for several of Britain's comedy 'icons' who appeared on Comic Relief.

    Rant over.
  5. dunno, i thought the little britain was quite decent.

    though i must admit that (as usual) the vicar of dibley was arrse, and even steve "alan partridge" coogan wasn't up to par.

    been a long day, CP? :wink:
  6. What i find most annoying about him is the "Black Icon" image he tries to portray, whilst ignoring the fact that he used to earn a living on the Black and White Minsteral Show. Cnut.

  7. oooo, off-topic thread in less than five posts.. new record!!!?!!
  8. The Naafi is a bad place to post if you're looking for reasoned, focused debate. :D
  9. oh, no,..

    this is the perfect spot to post about Ms Hughes and her liberal American education which, obviously doesn't include maps of the world, or even North America, but just the United States..reflects a singular US mind set.. or, maybe that she took basket weaving and macrame classes instead.
  10. A trim, light perm, and application of "Fem-fresh" should do the trick, or why not go the whole hog, and have a Brazilian.