Bush visits Baghdad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by custard_war, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Dubya's just made his second visit to eye-raq since 2003

    BBC link

    Understandably security was tight and the trip was not common knowledge but surely they could have let the Iraqi Prime Minister know. The poor sod was only expecting a video conference! Instead he waltzed in like he owns the gaff. Oh hang on... :wink:

  2. Stayed for 5 hours. Strangely not enough time to hang the "Mission Even More Accomplisheder" banner.
  3. Bush will never be able to do anything right in eyes of the cut and run crowd. He is just trying to rally the public and show support to the government of Iraq, a goverment that should be supported.
  4. I'm not advocating cut and run tactics but I do think that regardless of security concerns it undermines the Iraqi government if the US can just pop in without asking. It does show support but in a carer checking in on an invalid sort of way.

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  5. Strangely prescient for you. If he does anything right, it will however be accidental. And the timing of this latest visit has nothing at all to do with his low popularity or the killing of Zarqawhi, hmm Neo_Con?
  6. BBC is not right here. It was usual unannounced trip. Namely pre-announced trip would be really a surprise one.

    So the visit was usual, senseless and fruitless.
  7. Also known as a publicity stunt.

    The public got hacked off with the war and went down the pub about 18 months ago, Neo. Where have you been? Immediate polls following the death of Zarqawi are mixed. The USA Today/Gallup poll has him up by a couple, CBS has him down by a couple- all moves are within the statistical margin of error anyway. What is quite telling is that around 2/3 of Americans in both polls think that his death won't make a difference.

    Not that it matters now- the GOP is in campaign mode and Karl knows that the war is a vote loser- so it's back to gay marriage, brown people coming across the border and all manner of other groups of people that "right thinking" Americans should be scared of; the Paris Hilton tax cut and FFS don't mention Osama bin Laden.
  8. No-one else posted this...WH Press Secretary Tony Snow, WH Counsellor Dan Bartlett, visiting Baghdad...

  9. Apropos the photo above, you can actually hear their arrseholes chomping their way through the web seats of the helo. Splendid. Don't these two gentlemen look uplifted at being part of our world, if only for five hours?