Bush v Kerry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 1, 2004.

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  1. Bush - His good old boy ways carried the day

  2. Kerry - He was articulate ,evenif he has had a charisma bypass

  1. SO who won the debate?
  2. it was a tie 8O
  3. Kerry definitely lacked the killer instinct.

    Several times 43 exposed his throat ,Kerry would always start well ,and then go on to bloody well contradict himself! Talk about snatching a tie from the jaws of victory

    Some top sales bloke needs to give Kerry some training in how to close. He needs to learn when to say just enough , then shut up and listen. 43 gave him a chance to slap him silly over and over again ,and he blew just about every single one.

    He got under 43's skin several times tonight ,and if he had just watched and seen what was getting results ,instead of yakking 20 to the dozen ,he could have tied 43 in bloody knots.

    Still ,nice to see Kerrys charisma by-pass was such a success.

    Did you know he was in Vietnam? lol

    But I am concerned there is truth to the joke that when Cheneys hand isn't there to work the Presidents' mouth ,he's lost 8O
  4. Bush may not be eloquent in speech but he is stead-fast in belief. Kerry is a weasle and Bush is a feret...both on the sly but the feret is much smarter and cunning. :D
  5. Bush stumbled and fumbled, tried to fall back on the "down-home" image, and was caught with his mouth flapping like a fish when his pea-brain couldn't cope with the cut-and-thrust of debate. It looked like he'd forgotten the script Cheney obviously wrote for him. Shrub's a glove-puppet.

    Kerry has the gravitas and can at least express himself in joined-up sentences. No prizes in the personality stakes, though.

    Why can't we have John Wayne for president?(I know he's dead, but he can't be more inarticulate than Shrub even at that). Or Bruce Willis? He's got a sense of humour, he's sha**ed Demi Moore, and he can sing. Gets my vote non all three counts. :D
  6. I thought it was more of a press conference than a debate. I'd like to see them go at it without all the crap rules.

    Bill Clinton was our Tony Blair. Bush isn't great, but at least he's pro-military and willing to take a stand and do something. Kerry would just be another Blair, and I don't see him winning the election.
  7. Kerry just seems to be in it for all the nice bits he can get. He was on the Senate Intelligence Committee - but failed to turn up for most of the meetings. It's one of the most important committees in the Senate, lots of kudos, but he couldn't be bothered to do the work that went with it. Would you want someone in the job of leading the US when he couldn't be arrsed to do the background work?
  8. Shows he's got some street sense, then. look at the flak they've been takin' over September 11!
  9. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why should we care who gets in? It's not as if they will influence our lives or if we will go to war for them or anything, is it? :twisted:
  10. maybe you need a Brit for a president , im sure we can do a a good job of it :D
    England is one of the oldest and most stable democracies around :wink:
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    US presidential debate: Key quotes
    President George W Bush and Senator John Kerry have held their first televised debate of the 2004 US presidential election campaign.
    Here are key quotes from the two candidates, as they focused on international issues and foreign policy, clashing on Iraq, Afghanistan and the war on terror.
    President Bush:

    I believe I'm going to win, because the American people know I know how to lead. I've shown the American people I know how to lead. I understand everybody in this country doesn't agree with the decisions I've made. And I made some tough decisions. But people know where I stand.

    Senator Kerry:

    I believe in being strong and resolute and determined. And I will hunt down and kill the terrorists, wherever they are. But we also have to be smart. And smart means not diverting your attention from the real war on terror in Afghanistan against Osama bin Laden and taking if off to Iraq.

    President Bush:

    We're making progress. But the front on this war is more than just one place... The biggest disaster that could happen is that we not succeed in Iraq. We will succeed. We've got a plan to do so. And the main reason we'll succeed is because the Iraqis want to be free.

    Senator Kerry:

    This president has made, I regret to say, a colossal error of judgement. And judgement is what we look for in the president of the United States of America.

    President Bush:

    The only thing consistent about my opponent's position is that he's been inconsistent. He changes positions. And you cannot change positions in this war on terror if you expect to win.

    Senator Kerry:

    I've had one position, one consistent position [on Iraq]: That Saddam Hussein was a threat, there was a right way to disarm him and the wrong way, and the president chose the wrong way.

    President Bush:

    My opponent says help is on the way, but what kind of message does it say to our troops in harm's way - wrong war, wrong place, wrong time? Not a message a commander in chief gives, or this is a great diversion.

    Senator Kerry:
    When I talked about the $87bn [extra money to provide equipment for US troops], I made a mistake in how I talk about the war. But the president made a mistake in invading Iraq. Which is worse? I believe that when you know something's going wrong, you make it right. That's what I learned in Vietnam.

    President Bush:

    Of course we're doing everything we can to protect America. I wake up every day thinking about how best to protect America. That's my job

    Senator Kerry:

    Unfortunately, [Osama Bin Laden] escaped in the mountains of Tora Bora. We had him surrounded. But we didn't use American forces, the best-trained in the world, to go kill him. The president relied on Afghan warlords, and he outsourced that job too. That's wrong


    Good grief Charlie Brown...these are the best people on offer from the shining city on the hill ? Nuff said.

  12. I know, quite worrying really isn't it?
  13. I'm not impressed with any of them, push come to shove, Bush is out in four years, only two terms in Office is allowed as per the Constitution.

    ( why could'nt we do the same with B-lair, ah no Constitution here :x )

    Kerry if elected could do eight years, reckon the world is not ready for a possible eight years of flip flopping from him.

    The quality of world leaders is pretty grim and no talent on the horizon, a sad state of affairs indeed. :roll:
  14. Bush was incoherent, often dumbstruck and his hunched body language looked shifty. Kerry stood up straight. He was confident, engaging and looked and sounded presidential.
  15. Wink aside, you obviously mean Britain? It really pi**es we Jocks off when you Sassenachs refer to the UK as "England". England's the home of arrogance, football hooligans and xenophobia. The rest of us add some much-needed class and tolerance to the greater whole known as "Britain". Apart from the Welsh, that is. 8)