Bush urges "Free and fair Pakistan Election"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. This is most irregular. Surely you invade the country first before demanding that the now newly subjected people go to the polls and elect the people America wants them to vote for?

    Still, this might be a more democratic way of going about things. First threaten them into having elections. Then when they vote for who we want the new parliament promptly pass a law inviting America to attack them for their own good.
    Then America attacks said country having first made sure to occupy the high moral ground before doing so.

    Smooth, wish I'd thought of that.
  2. Free,Fair and Pakistan are mutually exclusive words.Seems that the present ruler is trying to make accomodations with a disgraced former female ruler(who is officially a fugitive from Pak justice),to keep himself in power.Very democratic really!!!
  3. I think she was stitched up. They have now decided to unstitch her.
  4. From the Beeb report:
    How in a month of blue Sundays can free and fair elections possibly, retrogressively legitimize a fcuking coup? By the very act of voting people would be refuting the coup wouldn't they? And if some people approved of the coup they wouldn't vote. There would be no need to because coups are what often happen INSTEAD of elections. God my brain hurts!

    Sometimes I dream about bursting into a room full of journos and shouting,
    "Has anyone in here been raped and understands Democracy?"
  5. Bush urges free and fair elections in Iran - We get Ahmedspellingmistake.

    Bush urges free and fair elctions in Iraq - We get a parcel of corrupt monkeys and a meltdown.

    Can anyone else see a pattern here?
  6. 8) Back to the normal corruption have another Buhto or two :D :D :D
  7. I would have thought the problem here is that, like in Palestine, or South Vietnam in 1954, if you give the locals a free election they will go and vote for someone who doesn't like Uncle Sam one bit.

    Oh, and this time they've got a bunch of nukes. Allah u Akhbar!!!
  8. The way Oliver Cromwell did perhaps.